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Happy birthday to Smash or Trash! Wow! Seven years people – seven years! What a ride it’s been so far. This started out as a book project that I wrangled (duped) the incredibly talented Leanna Chamish into helping me with. Well, all this time later Leanna is still speaking to me (showing what a huge heart she has) and I have had the incredible help from Mitch Klein, Les Bradley, Frank Lama, Hugh Robertson and Judy Furlow Grannas as well. Thank you so much everyone! And of course a huge thanks to all the people that patronage the site. May we have many, many more years of news, reviews, how-to’s, and interviews!


Superb actor and fantastic person all around LEONARD NIMOY passed away on February 27th, 2015. I was lucky enough to see him in person when I was six years old; a wonderfully warm human being. In 2015, I plan to take a close look at some Star Trek fan films by the likes of John Cosentino, Jimm and Joshua Johnson, and James Cawley. Mr. Nimoy was a huge part of the Star Trek universe, and his presence has influenced many, many low budget independent filmmakers. May we honor your memory when these films are discussed Mr. Nimoy. Rest In Peace sir.


We lost a friend and fellow filmmaker in early February of 2015. Timothy Preston Davis had a long career as a makeup effects person on the East Coast, and was a tremendous friend and collaborator to those in the movie business. We have set up a dedication page for Tim that will have ongoing new photos and tributes added to celebrate this incredible man’s career, history and life. You can find the tribute page HERE.


Intrepid movie reviewer Hugh Robertson takes a look at a screener that was sent to us. We got in a independent supernatural horror movie from Great Britain called THE WHISTLER, and you can check out Hugh’s thoughts on the movie HERE.

Okay everyone – enjoy the stuff that has been posted and let’s all dig into a piece of cake!

Don and Joe

Joe Sherlock – prolific filmmaker. Pictured above with independent filmmaker Don Coscarelli. What has been happening with Oregon’s Dr. Squid? Let’s find out from the man himself:

“DREAMWALKERS was a fantasy movie I shot, acted in and co-edited with my buddy John Bowker (the writer/director) way back in 1997. A small run of VHS was made for cast and crew, but the movie was never officially released. John has allowed me to make this fantasy movie available on a custom-burned to-order DVD-R and you can get all the details HERE.

The DIMENSION OF BLOOD/MONSTER IN THE GARAGE/CRIMSON HEATHER triple feature I put out a couple of years back got some of my earliest shot-on-video stuff available, but when Crimson Heather first came out on VHS, it was paired with my vampire comedy LUST OF THE VAMPIRE HOOKERS. That VHS release has long been sold out, but now for those who want it, I am also making LUST OF THE VAMPIRE HOOKERS available as a custom- burned-to-order DVD-R, as well. Email me at for ordering details.

I’ve been putting together a photo album over on facebook called COOL KIDS, featuring a bunch of people holding up movies they have picked up from me over the years. If you want to email me a pic of yourself showing off one of my flicks, I may just add it to the album! Check it out HERE.


The bloody, body count b-movie BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN, is now available! Just go HERE and click on the “buy the dvd here” link!

My new weird sci-fi horror flick ODD NOGGINS is now available and I put together a bunch of “odd packs” that you can get with the DVD including other DVDs, photos and even props from the movie! Check it all out HERE.

Check out my year-end wrap up blog post.

That’s all for now (isn’t that enough?!)!

– Joe aka Dr. Squid”

Dr Squid


Gene Crowell has been involved with independent films for a couple of decades now. In 1999, he and a few friends made a documentary about the locations used in the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Here’s what he told me in his own words: “Our video was shot in 1999 and features the only in camera interview with the then mayor of Burkittsville and a full top to bottom tour of the Rustin Parr house! Which was demolished years ago. The films production designer Ben Rock said we had the best house footage he’s ever seen!” Let’s face it – that’s pretty super awesome. Why not go to YouTube and “Thumbs Up” this video? Super rare – super cool!

Don birthday

January 27th is a day we at Smash or Trash always celebrate; it’s D.I.Y filmmaker Don Dohler‘s birthday! This site is dedicated to Don’s memory, and all the people he influenced whom are now in the movie biz. This day, why not pop one of Don’s movies into your DVD player and give it a spin? Or, go over to Smash or Trash’s CafePress store and pick up some Don Dohler merchandise? Part of the proceeds go towards cancer research!



Ninjas vs Monsters is FINALLY available for pre-order! Head to to order yours now, and look out for us on VOD starting on 2/3/15!

Gutterballs 2

Double the gore, double the sex, double the balls…help BBK kill again in Gutterballs 2: Balls Deep! IndieGoGo campaign HERE!


Dr. Les Bradley pointed me to a really cool website for the independent film THE FRAME. Check it out and pick up this production by moviemaker Jamin Winans!

Bucket of Blood

Independent Film Actress Melissa LaMartina (WNUF, Call Girl of Cthulhu) has turned director. She is bringing to Baltimore Roger Corman‘s A BUCKET OF BLOOD to the stage! Here’s the scene:

Bussing tables at a hip coffee joint, Walter Paisley just wants to be somebody. When a fatal accident gives Walter the perfect canvas to work on, he seizes the opportunity to slip in among the local art elite. Now, the pressure is on for his latest masterpiece.

And this time, Walter’s drawing blood…

Combining caustic social commentary with the darkest of dark comedy, Corman’s 1959 film A BUCKET OF BLOOD sculpts low art into high concept and packs a punch of both gasps and giggles.

Now, Yellow Sign Theatre puts you in the scene with a live adaptation of this biting social satire.

The question is: Can you dig it?

Show dates: February 19 – 22, February 26 – March 1, and March 5 – 8

Tickets: $15 at the door, $12 in advance. Click HERE for the details!


Hello one and all and Happy 2015! Sorry we haven’t updated lately. Holding down the job and all that jazz, plus trying to get through the Holidays. So while we will be posting more again. To give you a little taste of new stuff going on, here are three images from the movie CRAWLER – completion date SUMMER 2015. Special Visual Effects artist Mitch Klein has been burning the midnight oil, and the new images for this movie and the creature itself are looking fantastic. A Timewarp Films production.


BOUNTY is about a documentary of a bounty hunter team that meets Invasion of the Body Snatchers. A gripping, intense roller coaster ride written and directed by Kevin Kangas. The movie will probably come out in 2015 for the public, but you have a chance of picking up the limited edition blu-ray before then. The disc comes jammed packed with extras (commentary, deleted scenes, making of, etc) and stars Tom Proctor, Neil Conway, John Rutland, Demetrius Parker, Johnny Alonso, Savannah Costello, Chris O’Brocki, Jan-David Soutar, Joe Ripple, Mark J. Kilbane, Jarod Noe, Leanna Chamish, and Frederick Cowie. Limited to only 100 copies, make sure to pick it up now. Great for Halloween! Pick it up HERE.


Kevin Kangas is also busy on a new film production. Let’s hear from the man himself: “it’s called Terrortory. It’s an anthology in the vein of Creepshow. My segment is called Smiling Jack. There will be five shorts plus the wraparound story. I’ll probably be directing the wrap around also from a story by Luke Theriault.”


YouTube Preview Image

Filmmakers Mark Polonia and Brett Piper bring horror monster awesomeness every Wednesday in October! Check out the video for more details!

Scooby Doo Varsity Blood

For the month of October Smash or Trash is taking a look at the independent horror slasher VARSITY BLOOD. Written and directed by Jake Helgren and starring Debbie Rochon, Lexi Giovagnoli and Wesley Scott Click HERE to go to the review.

Having fun

Happy Halloween Month! We have a fun, in-depth interview with the creator of HOMEMADE MOVIES – Dustin McLean! Click on the photo to get to the good stuff!

Dick Smith

First bit of news is sad news. Legendary make up artist Dick Smith has passed away in late July of 2014. Smith was known as a pioneer in makeup for television and movies, and was the mentor for makeup artist Rick Baker. Besides being an absolute genius, Dick Smith was also known as an incredibly kind and well spoken man, willing to help others out in their craft. He also contributed to Don Dohler‘s book FILM MAGIC with an article about making fake blood. Some of the movies Smith has worked on include THE GODFATHER, ALTERED STATES, LITTLE BIG MAN, and THE EXORCIST. This mentor will be greatly missed, and we at Smash or Trash send our condolences to his family, fans, and friends. Rest in peace sir.

Giant Monster Kit

In the NEW BLOOD section of Count Gore De Vol‘s CREATURE FEATURE site, the Count has posted an incredibly cool film short called GIANT MONSTER PLAYSET. This 14 minute short by filmmaker Greg Pope is a fantastic story of a child that gets a monster playset that turns out to be a littler too realistic. Fantastic special effects and it would have been right at home having a write up on Don Dohler’s CINEMAGIC magazine. Check it out!

Don Mort Drucker lr

Filmmaker David Ellis – in conjunction with Don Dohler’s family – have launched the DON DOHLER YOUTUBE PAGE. Here you can find all of Don’s earlier movies (sans Nightbeast which is owned by TROMA) are available to watch for FREE! Make sure to subscribe and sign up! Baltimore Sci Fi and Horror at its cult finest!

Bone Garden

Filmmaker Mike Gutridge is premiering his latest horror movie THE BONE GARDEN in Halethorpe, MD on August 9th. This thriller stars many Friday the 13th alumni’s (Tracie Savage, Ron Millkie and Paul Kratka) as well as cult movie favorites George Stover and Monique Dupree. If you are in the area, go check this out!

YouTube Preview Image