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Don Dohler

Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking would like to wish our dear friend – indie filmmaker Don Dohler – a happy 66th birthday.  We miss you Don, and wish you could be here in person to celebrate it.


Actress Darla Albornoz sent us a link to an East Coast Screenwriting Class. Need to learn how to write better scripts? This is the seminar for you – and you get to walk away with a lot of useful materials! It takes place on March 10th.  For all the details – time, location, instructor, etc – click HERE. Thanks for the link Darla!


POT LUCK is a show about the entertainment community. In a recent installment, the host had filmmaker Erik Kristopher Myers and actress Ali Lukowski on. They were there to talk about ROULETTE, the independent Baltimore thriller that was shot a few years back. Click on the image above to go to the video of this interview or click HERE.

Dr Sarcofiguy and Boo dePest

Smash or Trasher Leanna Chamish has been busy reprising her role as Boo dePest for another season of SPOOKY MOVIE TELEVISION.  This is a hilarious show of two wacky people – Dr. Sarcofiguy (John Dimes) and his stalker/fan Boo dePest (Leanna Chamish) introducing new independent horror movies, with funny skits put in at strategic points of the show. The fantastic news is that the show’s producer – Curtis Prather – will be bringing the episodes to DVD very soon! For more information check out their facebook page HERE.

3D Animation Design

Since Smash or Trash creator Robert Long is getting back into the world of 3D animation and visual special effects for indie movies, he has posted some of his older work (1989 – 1995) up on youtube. Check it out and leave a comment! Click HERE or on the image above.

After Movie Diner

Anybody that has been around the site awhile knows that it is dedicated to the memory of filmmaker Don Dohler (1946 – 2006). Whenever I find other cool people out there that pay homage to my friend and mentor – well, I am going to post about it! THE AFTER MOVIE DINER is a really fun podcast, and in this instance they have a segment called “A Fistful of Dohlers” where those involved have a TON of fun talking about three of Don’s movies: Alien Factor, Fiend, and Blood Massacre. They covered Nightbeast in an earlier show, and they may be getting to Harvesters and Dead Hunt in later shows. Fantastic group of people and it’s a fantastic listening experience. You can get the the podcast by clicking the image above.

Hysteria Continues t-shirt

Our friends over at THE BODYCOUNT CONTINUES have an incredible podcast called THE HYSTERIA CONTINUES. I strongly urge everyone who loves slasher films (I do!) to check them out. To help pay for the bandwidth they have some really cool T-shirts, hoodies, and sleepwear sporting art designed by Smash or Trash creator Robert Long.

So check out a great horror website, a hilarious/informative podcast, and support them by buying some of their awesome custom apparel!

House of Sin

It’s movie review time! Judy Furlow has taken pen to paper (or keyboard to computer) and reviews the British sexploitation indie HOUSE OF SIN. Released by Chemical Burn Entertainment, it goes under the critique knife. Check it out HERE.

Garden of Hedon puzzle

 Kevin Kangas (Kangas Kahn Films,LLC) has posted a teaser to his upcoming film “Garden of Hedon.” This is a deleted scene (six minutes!) That delves into some of the wild mind warps that happen in this palace of debauchery. Look for yours truly (Robert Long) in a small part! Click on the image above to go to the video.


Like the show “American Horror Story?” Then you will like MALICE. Produced by Phillip Cook, this modern haunted house web series stars Brittany Martz, Rebekkah Johnson, Mark Hyde, Leanna Chamish and Matthew James Gulbranson.  Coming January 15, 2012. Click on the image about to watch the trailer.

Happy 2012!

Smash or Trash computer

Well! Here we are in 2012. I am off sabbatical (it was good I went on one – I feel recharged) and am back to working on the site AND independent film projects. Pictured above is the Christmas/birthday gift I gave myself. I now have the means to REALLY kick some butt with the site as well as movie making. I hope this means the updates will be more frequent. There are a couple of things I’d like to do starting this year, and have a partial list:

1. Smash or Trash is now on twitter. Look us up under smashrtrashfilm and follow us about movie bits and site updates!

2. I hope to have a revamp of the site up sooner than later so videos, hot buttons and other things can be installed on the main page.

3. Now that I have editing software, let’s hope that Smash or Trash Television  gets more episodes made on a timely basis.

4. I want to look into doing podcasts for the site as well.

5. Yes, we will get some banner ads. It’s all about covering the site’s costs. Don’t forget to shop our store for cool Smash or Trash items! Every sale and donation helps keep the site going.

So, starting tonight I’ll be getting the updates going again. We have a couple of movie reviews by Joseph Henson and Judith Furlow – so that will come soon – along with a new contest! Stay tuned and let’s see Smash or Trash’s 4th year kick some major ass!

Smash or Trash creator Robert Long