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Those wild slasher movie guys over at The Hysteria Continues (Erik, Joseph, Nathan and Justin) give a little love to an indie slasher I worked on: Timewarp Films’ DEAD HUNT. Plus they review Joseph’s pick of the week RUSH WEEK, an under appreciated fun slasher from 1989.  Go check out podcast 35 over at iTunes for all fun, insights, and banality. These guys are great!



A new independent thriller is coming our way the Summer of 2012.  Baltimore area independent filmmaker Wes Kotansky, Jr.and his production company WESKO Pictures, LLC. have officially wrapped on a short film called “The Missouri Strain”. The crew are currently in post production and are looking at a summer release around the Baltimore and D.C. area. They plan to submit it to film festivals on the East Coast as well. The theatrical trailer was released on Vimeo (great trailer by the way!) and the WESKO Pictures website. Along with the trailer and teaser, there are promotional posters and photos (found on their website and facebook page). From the trailer it looks to be very well acted, and one of the stars is Frederick Cowie (Sealed Fates, Witch’s Brew, Bounty, and Garden of Hedon) so I am excited to see this film in its completed form! Here are some more links to these talented people! 

The Missouri Strain
WESKO Pictures, LLC. 


The very talented Mitch Klein has been busy on Timewarp Film’s CRAWLER, but has also given a little of his time to help do some effects for Midnight Marquee’s Stellar Quasar and the Scrolls of Dadelia. Pictured above is an excellent old school spaceship that he rendered for the film. More information as it develops…


In other news  Producer Lee Doll tells us that the latest Fixer movie DANGEROUS DECEPTION should be coming freshly minted from the DVD works soon. We’ve been assured that this films delves deeper into supernatural sci fi horror – I can’t wait to check it out! The talented Paul R Sieber is in the lead role of the Fixer, with Alfred Guy returning as his partner Yeb-beb. The special guest villain is George Stover, and he does his nastiest turn in a role since he played Rizzo in BLOOD MASSACRE.



 The web series, Night Terrors, created by writer/directors David Buchert and Chris St.Croix has changed its name to IN THE DARK and is about to become a full-length feature anthology film.


When the Tales From The Crypt-styled horror anthology series launched in November of 2011, the first episode, “The Keeper” was immediately banned from Youtube and Vimeo for nudity and violence. Soon after, the production teamed with the popular horror website and it enjoyed a successful web run with over 80,000 views. In January the second episode, “Dummy” premiered to even larger numbers. Starting on April 24th, the IN THE DARK Indiegogo fundraising campaign begins. With two of the film’s four episodic stories already completed (Fifty minutes of the final ninety minute film) the budget for the remaining two stories will be raised by pre-selling the finished IN THE DARK DVD. As a thank you and to tide supporters over until the film is completed in October, buyers will receive a private link to watch the first two stories now and for the first time in their full HD resolution.


They are also offering some additional one of a kind items to supporters like the actual “Dummy” mask and axe and the full size creature costume from “The Keeper”. “Expect completely different stories, styles and looks for the next two. And we promise, they’ll still be as sexy, bloody and uncensored”, says St.Croix. As David Buchert explains, “We hope that fans of the first two episodes and all fans of indie horror check it out, pre-order the DVD and they’ll get to watch half of the film now! We can’t wait to show them IN THE DARK.”

So head over to, watch the brand new trailer, pre-order a DVD and be a part of this new way to support indie horror.