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The first segments are now up at Vimeo!!! Click on the image above to go to them. My sincere thanks to Les Bradley and Frank Lama for the great job of design and editing. I also want to thank all those that have supported us through the making of the first episode. Write back and let us know what you think!


Smash or Trash correspondent Judy Furlow has reviewed the zombie flick THE DEFILED. Click HERE to read up on it!

Mold! the movie

Stunt coordinator Mark Bedell worked on a fun throwback to 1980’s monster movies. Click HERE to check out the action packed trailer to MOLD!

The Fixer

Producer Lee Doll is busy filming the next installment of The Fixer – coming in 2012!


Phil Cook is a Virginia-based filmmaker (Eagle Films) that has produced several incredible science fiction movies (Despiser, Outerworld, Invader). He now takes a turn into Gothic horror with MALICE. The story is a family moves into a house occupied by their recently deceased grandmother. On moving day the two daughters discover that the home sits next to a cemetary, and there is a feeling of dread that is in the atmosphere. As the family tries to get used to the house, there is SOMETHING in the air grates – watching them.

I encourage everyone to check out the sneak preview of this web series coming in 2012.  It is so well done, so creepy that this really should be on a major network! I can’t wait to see the whole thing! Check out the sneak preview HERE.

The Tolltaker

Tolltaker stills

SYNOPSIS: It’s the summer of 1973, and eight year-old Bobby Burke’s father has been MIA in Vietnam for three years. Bobby believes in the power of his magic charm bracelet – called the Safekeeper – to bring his dad back home, but he’s dismayed that his mother, who has begun dating a new man, appears to be moving on with her life. Now, to make matters worse, Bobby has come upon a demonic creature known as The Tolltaker living in a nearby storm drain, who seems intent on snatching the Safekeeper from Bobby’s wrist and keeping his father from him forever.

Director Steve Janas bring the viewer a chilling tale based on the book “The Tolltaker.” This indie short (20 minutes) is both live action and animation. It harbors a sense of dread that is not easy to shake off. There is a fine line between bittersweet moments, paranoia, and out and out terror. The production is a period piece (set in the early 1970s) and is incredibly well done. Check it out HERE.


BLOOD OATH is an indie backwoods slasher that is brought to us by director David Buchert and producer Robert Ziegler. I gave it a pretty decent score – these first time filmmakers did a pretty slick and clever job on this motion picture. It stars Tiffany Shepis and Tina Krause. To read my full review go HERE.

Kevin Kangas birthday

This week we celebrate the birthday of filmmaker Kevin Kangas, the independent director behind such movies as Hunting Humans, The Fear of Clowns series, Bounty, and the upcoming Garden of Hedon. Kangas’ website sports a great blog on the trials and tribulations of low budget movie making. I strongly urge those that enjoy suspense thrillers and horror to seek his movies out.

Les Bradley and Carl Porter Roulette

Picture above is Smash or Trasher video editor Les Bradley and designer Carl Porter sporting their ultra cool ROULETTE t-shirts at Horrofind 13. For more of my take on that event, click HERE.


Idol of Evil Skull

Our intrepid movie reviewer Judith Furlow gives us the low down on the independent adventure movie IDOL OF EVIL. Made in Britain, it plays like a low rent RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, and sounds like a lot of fun.  Check out the review by clicking HERE.

Erik Kristopher Myers signs poster

Smash or Trasher Leanna Chamish is back with a look at the award-winning motion picture ROULETTE – directed by Erik Kristopher Myers. Click HERE to go to her stunning account on the World Premiere of this movie, that went on to win three prestigious awards!