A Movie Review by Judith Furlow ©2012

Actors: Kai Blackwood, Jymie Darling

Directors: David Gaz, Alex Vazart

Format: Color, DVD, Full Screen, NTSC

Language: English

Rated: Unrated – Documentary

Studio: Chemical Burn

Run Time: 75 minutes


“I Sold My Soul to Satan” is not a horror movie, but an interesting documentary following the story of a musician, Kai Blackwood, and his quest to sell his soul to the devil in exchange for wealth and fame. Kai was selected out of thousands of people following a casting call posted on, none of which asked for world peace, due to his rock n’ roll lifestyle. On his quest, he seeks out the help of Jymie Darling, an occult store owner, for her assistance in following the appropriate steps to secure his Faustian contract.


The directors follow Kai to various stores to obtain the necessary items he needs for the ceremony as Kai expresses his humor in all the “mystical” pre-packaged items marketed to the public. The interviews with various occult experts were educational and philosophical and taught me some things as well. Homemade ink, pertinent to the pact, was made in Kai’s kitchen and was funny to watch, as was his meeting with a lawyer to be sure that he covers his ass, and, oh yes, that he is assured the ability to fly! There are so many steps necessary for Kai to follow that I realized that it’s just too much work to sell anyone’s soul to beelzebub.


I found this documentary clever and original and professionally done. Camera work and editing were smooth and contributed to the value of the production. A few criticisms: the camera was out of focus with some of the interviews of Kai and the scenes in the limo were too dark.


I recommend it to anyone interested in the occult.

Four out of Five pentagrams.