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Hey people! No new news on Smash or Trash TV. I’ve had a ton of things hit in the “real world” and have had no time to work on it with Frank Lama and Les Bradley. I hope to change that stating this week. However there is an update:

Fixer poster

I asked actress Judith Furlow (Fear of Clowns, Garden of Hedon) to help me with some of the movie reviews because I have been so backed up. Also there are projects I have been a part of that I cannot review myself without being bias. Judith agreed to, and her first one is posted. She takes a look at Lee Doll’s “The Fixer” which stars Brian St. August and Alfred Guy. Overall I think Ms. Furlow was fair in her review, and did a good job. I look forward to seeing what she writes for the other movies I have given her. You can go to the review by clicking on The Fixer image above. Thanks Judy!

Senior Cut Day the movie

The website is up for the independent film “Senior CUT Day: The Movie”. Everyday more photos, behind the scenes video, and cast and crew commentary will be added to the website. The film will premiere August 2011. Visit them by clicking on the image above!

Adventures of Louanna Lee 4

Shooting has commenced on the fourth installment of the “Adventures of Louanna Lee.” Penned by Mitch Klein, this time her family and friends get caught up in a murderous whodunit at a creepy mansion. I can’t wait to be able to grab some Scooby snacks and watch the finished episode of this!

Leanna Chamish in “Bunny slippers”

And what has everyone’s favorite Smash or Trash member been up to? Well, Leanna Chamish can be spotted in the current Sutliff Chevrolet commercial in the Harrisburg, PA area. The spot’s name? “Bunny Slippers!”

Tales From the Cellar new look

Mitch Klein’s TALES FROM THE CELLAR gets a new look and some new content. Check it out!


Hello everyone! I have been out of the picture for a little bit, so here is an update. First up, I have a brand new movie review up for an indie horror film called GHOSTS DON’T EXIST. This was a pretty decent ghost story (shot in the DC area) and I think you will enjoy it; I’d urge you to at least give it a rental. Also our new resident reviewer – Judy Furlow – has received her screener copies and will be getting us new reviews soon. The first one will be Lee Doll’s THE FIXER. Check back for that.

Ninjas vs You podcast

Smash or Trash correspondent Leanna Chamish clued me in on a really cool podcast called NINJAS VS YOU. This podcast is hosted by director Justin Timpane. On the premiere show he has actor Daniel Ross on and they talk about their beginnings on the set of CRAWLER, and the debt that they owe to both partners of Timewarp Films; Joe Ripple and Don Dohler. This is a very sincere discussion about how these two men inspired Timpane and Ross to make their own movies. Also, they have a very fun and intelligent discussion about why they have NOT moved to Hollywood, but have instead pursued their passion for making films in Virginia – and have found success doing so. I strongly urge everyone to give this a listen.

Crawler is alive!

And what about CRAWLER? It is moving forward! Visual effects artists Mitch Klein and Brian Anderson are meeting to start outlining the final post-production effects of this much anticipated indie film from Timewarp Films. More information as it becomes available.

Smash or Trash Team Mitch Klein, Leanna Chamish, Robert Long II, Frank Lama

SMASH OR TRASH TV: I got some good news from my friend and co-producer Frank Lama. He is getting the footage of the first episode digitized next week so we can turn over to editor Les Bradley. Two words – freakin’ fantastic! We shot it in February and here it is April, and it gets frustrating that it isn’t moving forward faster. What are you going to do? Real life comes first and both Frank and I have day jobs – you have to do what you have to do to keep the roof over your head, and the entertainment arts have to come 2nd. However this is good news, we have momentum and I am thrilled that this is all coming together! Stay tuned…