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John Gray actor

Sad news has come down from Wayne Shipley, the Producer/Director of One-Eyed Horse Productions. East Coast actor John Gray has passed on. Here is what Wayne had to say: “Actor John Gray passed away on May 11, 2015. John played the mayor in One-Eyed Horse, the judge in Day of the Gun, and was the host for two of our Tales of the Wild West docudramas: The Day the Aces Got Trumped, which was selected by the National Baseball Hall of Fame for archiving, and The Singletree Montana Bank Raid. HIs velvet bullfrog voice was pure music–commanding and comforting. He will be greatly missed.”

jeff herberger editor

East Coast videographer/editor Jeff Herberger is interviewed by Grass Valley about editing the independent Western DAY OF THE GUN. To download this cool article in PDF form, click HERE.


We also do a review of the fun horror anthology film HI-8, released by Wild Eye Releasing. Made by eight different SOV veterans, this is a must watch. Check out the review HERE.