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Don Dohler

The above photo was taken by Leanna Chamish. I always like to give a shout out to our buddy Don Dohler, who passed on a few years back. He was instrumental in the low-budget independent film industry, and gave such people as J.J. Abrams their start. Happy birthday Don. You are sincerely missed.


Next week we start production of Smash or Trash TV, which of course means this next week will be crazy. We have some great guests lined up and are working on getting film clips and such. Frank Lama and I want this to be a well rounded show that really hits the target audience between the eyes. That will take some work and tweaking, especially for the fist couple of episodes. We look forward to you all tuning in!

Phillip Levine as Giggles the Clown in Fear of Clowns 2

In my promise for 2011, I said I would try to get more content up more often. Well, at the middle of January here we are with an in-depth review of Kevin Kangas’ FEAR OF CLOWNS 2, which stars Jacky Reres, Frank Lama, Mark Lassise, and Johnny Alonso. Click on the picture above to go directly to it.

Kevin Kangas blogs

Filmmaker Kangas is a prolific blogger of what has gone on behind the scenes of his five movies. It makes for fascinating reading with PLENTY of BTS pics. Check it out by clicking the banner above.