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Gutterballs Giveaway

The 2008 Slasher Sensation is being given away here at Smash or Trash! GUTTERBALLS is an independent retro 80s horror film in the finest grindhouse tradition. Sex, blood, nudity and gore is all there for the exploitation fan. This copy was donated by the fine folks over at Plotdigger Films, Inc and is signed by lead actor Dan Ellis, director Ryan Nicholson, and the killer himself – BBK! This blood-drenched bowling ball bonanza stars Dan Ellis, Wade Gibb, Candice Lewald, and Nathan Dashwood. Must be 18 years or older to win, and the giveaway ends July 31st.Just write Smash or Trash at and send in your name and mailing address for a chance to win this autographed copy!

Victoria Lynn, Count Gore De Vol, Louanna Lee

The 2nd episode of the ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE gets a guest review from Margaret Thompson of New York. This episode has special guest stars Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) and comedic actor Will Haza. Click on the above image to go to the review!

N VS Z poster

An incredibly fun indie horror/comedy gets reviewed at the site. Click on the image above to read about NINJAS vs ZOMBIES!