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Dr. Les Bradley

Wow. Just wow. I was having dinner with some incredible friends last Sunday – Les Bradley being one of them. He asked how the 1st episode of Smash or Trash TV was coming along. I was honest with him – both Frank Lama and I have been too busy to cut the show we shot a month ago.  Then he dropped a bomb on me; he would be willing to help us edit it!

I had to lift my jaw up off the floor. What you need to know is that Les is a real pro in this business; for him to offer that kind of help for us is just – words fail me.  I talked to Frank and we are both enthusiastic about getting together and talking with Les about the 1st episode! We hope to do that soon, and Smash or Trash TV can get started on the premiere show, as Frank and I work on the script and schedule for the 2nd show.

So we send out a heartfelt thank you to Les for his offer, and will let you know the progress on the show in the near future. As I stated, Les is a pro in the field. He taught audio/video at the College of Notre Dame for years, and he edits a lot of the Baltimore area commercials. To learn more about him and his services, click on the banner below:


Crawler Poster Darla Albornoz, Justin Timpane, Mike Keegan, Daniel Ross, George Stover, Joe Ripple, Mitch Klein, Don Dohler

So… CRAWLER. You may have heard of it. At times it probably has taken on the life of an urban legend. The Timewarp Film that was not completed. Because of the fact that I had worked for Don Dohler and Joe Ripple at Timewarp, and by the very nature of the type of website I run… I get asked a lot on what the word is on it.

Trust me, I can sympathize with the frustrations of cast, crew, family, friends and fans of Timewarp Films. It seems to be the lost TW movie: Why is it taking so long? Why is there no news? When will there be a screening? When will it be available?

On the other side of the coin I can see how it is frustrating – and annoying – to constantly get these questions over and over; people do not realize the unbelievable amount of work that has gone into the post production – not to mention that there were some tragic events that have happened along the way.

The article I have written sheds some light on the time-line of CRAWLER – from it’s start in 2003 to what is going on presently. I have posted photos of the behind-the-scenes taken by Leanna Chamish, as well as some great “in-action” shots of the CRAWLER by Mitch Klein from 2006. I hope this shows that progress IS being made – and what a fun film the end product will be. 2011 will show the collaboration between two excellent visual special effects artists – Mitch Klein and Brian Anderson (Anderson of NINJAS VS VAMPIRES fame). Because of these two gentlemen, the post-production visual effects on the movie will be getting a MAJOR kick in the ass this year. So, without further ado, click on the CRAWLER image up top to get the in-depth dope on a cool “popcorn” movie! Keep the faith – the movie is coming…


Actress Judith Furlow

How does that Clint Eastwood saying go? “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” Well, I am still working on the movie review for “Ghosts Don’t Exist.” Because I am getting a backlog of movies to review, I am happy to announce that actress Judith Furlow (Fear of Clowns, Garden of Hedon) will be my regular guest reviewer here at Smash or Trash. I am getting together a package of movies to send off to her this week, so stay tuned for her take on these independent films…

Fixer Giveaway

Robert Long II, creator of Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking

The website turns 3 today! So what’s the next step? Well I have thanked the 3 great people that have really helped me out – Leanna Chamish, Mitch Klein, and Frank Lama. The 1st episode of Smash or Trash TV still needs to be edited and we are working on pre production for episodes 2 and 3. My next movie review will be Eric Espejo’s GHOSTS DON’T EXIST. The next site giveaway will be a copy of Lee Doll’s action series THE FIXER.

ghost fixer

My time is becoming more limited ( the site and TV show are my first priority – so I am only taking paying indie gigs now) and I am looking for people that would like to do movie reviews for the site. I am also looking for video editors to help on the Smash or Trash television program. If you have an interest in either of those areas, contact me. I’ll give you more details.

If you click on my photo above it takes you to an interview Corey Williams of the Baltimore Indie Filmmaker did of me. Also, the site will be getting a makeover soon. Also – work has begun again on Timewarp Film’s sci-fi flick CRAWLER.

Here is my last bit of news for the night; if you are an indie filmmaker, we want your footage for our show. Clips from your movies, the trailers, and behind the scenes footage. We will use this on Smash or Trash TV for the intros, the segments, the bumpers, and the end credits. There will be a release form sent to you to be signed that gives us the right to use the footage. This  is all a true benefit to you – the indie filmmaker – because of the positive exposure you will get.

Format details? Here you go: 16 x 9, SD, NTSC, 29.97 frames per second, Audio 48 kHz, and .mov files pressed to a DVD are preferred. If interested get in touch with us soon; the post production on the premiere episode will start soon, and if you snooze, you lose. Contact us through the – what else – Contact Us link.

Thanks – and see you at the movies.