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So… CRAWLER. You may have heard of it. At times it probably has taken on the life of an urban legend. The Timewarp Film that was not completed. Because of the fact that I had worked for Don Dohler and Joe Ripple at Timewarp, and by the very nature of the type of website I run… I get asked a lot on what the word is on it.

Trust me, I can sympathize with the frustrations of cast, crew, family, friends and fans of Timewarp Films. It seems to be the lost TW movie: Why is it taking so long? Why is there no news? When will there be a screening? When will it be available?

On the other side of the coin I can see how it is frustrating – and annoying – to constantly get these questions over and over; people do not realize the unbelievable amount of work that has gone into the post production – not to mention that there were some tragic events that have happened along the way.

The article I have written sheds some light on the time-line of CRAWLER – from it’s start in 2003 to what is going on presently. I have posted photos of the behind-the-scenes taken by Leanna Chamish, as well as some great “in-action” shots of the CRAWLER by Mitch Klein from 2006. I hope this shows that progress IS being made – and what a fun film the end product will be. 2011 will show the collaboration between two excellent visual special effects artists – Mitch Klein and Brian Anderson (Anderson of NINJAS VS VAMPIRES fame). Because of these two gentlemen, the post-production visual effects on the movie will be getting a MAJOR kick in the ass this year. So, without further ado, click on the CRAWLER image up top to get the in-depth dope on a cool “popcorn” movie! Keep the faith – the movie is coming…


Actress Judith Furlow

How does that Clint Eastwood saying go? “A man’s gotta know his limitations.” Well, I am still working on the movie review for “Ghosts Don’t Exist.” Because I am getting a backlog of movies to review, I am happy to announce that actress Judith Furlow (Fear of Clowns, Garden of Hedon) will be my regular guest reviewer here at Smash or Trash. I am getting together a package of movies to send off to her this week, so stay tuned for her take on these independent films…

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