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Bad Movie Night discusses STAKES

What the bloody hell? I’m doing an update? Yes, 2020 was one hell of a bust for everyone. I did do some Youtube videos (more on that later). It is a new year, and we are going to get vaccinated, and we will get back to normal. So let’s get some independent film news out there! First off – as you can see above – the Bad Movie Night guys talk about Timewarp Films 2002 production STAKES. Produced by Don Dohler and directed by Joe Ripple, it is a story of two parallel worlds battling an army of Vampires. The movie stars genre legend George Stover as the ass kicking rogue priest and Scream Queen Leanna Chamish as the evil Vampire Queen. The Bad Movie Night dudes kind of take the piss out of the film from time to time in their review, but by the end they loved it and strongly recommend this indie cult flick. Check out the video. Just don’t check out any videos by Obscura Lupa. Her reviews are forced, unfunny and she has no talent.

Madman Majestro is on Youtube!

While I didn’t get a whole lot done on the website last year, my alter ego got videos made! Madman Majestro of the Madhouse Manor has been doing indie movie reviews on Youtube as well as hosting a Tuesday night KAST party where he shows cool genre movies and chats with his live audience. This video above is all about the cool friggin’ swag that can be gotten from the Madhouse Manor. Check it out!

Lil’ Maddy Majestro from superfan Tammy Bradburn

Speaking of Madman Majestro, I’ve been receiving some really cool gifts from fans! The first thing I got was a fun cartoon of Majestro from Director Chris LaMartina – it’s up on the fridge! Tammy Bradburn sent me a knitted voodoo plushie of myself, which is adorable. She also did an incredible horror-themed cross-stitch for me! Both will be on the show soon! Thanks everybody!

Fanex saluted the incredible Forry Ackerman

Prolific publishers Gary and Sue Svehla held a Fanex convention back in 2001 and saluted the legendary sci fi and horror icon – Forry Ackerman – at their awards ceremony. Fanzine publishers and editors from around the United States gathered to honor Forry for his lifetime of dedication to his craft. A ton of familiar faces tell tales out of school about everybody’s favorite “Ackerman.” The video is introduced by Leanna Chamish.

Actor/Writer Steve Rifkin

Fowl Players Radio gives Actor/Writer Steve Rifkin the VIP treatment in talking to him about his indie film career. Check out this fantastic interview!


Dexter Bobble Head toy

It’s giveaway time again! Hollywood producer Edward L. Plumb of Irena Belle Films has donated a Dexter Bobble-Head, based on the lead character of the popular television series.  The rules for entering are simple: Send us an email with your name and address and it will be printed out and put into the big giveaway jar for the drawing. The actual drawing will take place on February 13th for this item. And yes, just like the last giveaway I will have to charge the minimum for shipping this item: $3.00 for US, and $7.00 for anywhere else in the world. This will be through my paypal account. It’s unfortunate that I cannot do the postage but times are really lean right now. Make sure you check out our great sponsor’s movies by clicking on the banner below!

Irena Belle Productions

Are you on Facebook? Well, Smash or Trash WILL be getting a page up there soon. In the meantime, Four-Fingered Films LLC wants to hear from you! They have their general information page HERE, Their movie Roulette HERE, and their other production The Devil’s Playthings HERE. Check them out and give them a holler!

Roulette poster

The anniversary of the site is just around the corner and we are closing in on 8,000 hits! Not bad for having been up just short of two years. I’ve tried to keep this as a non-profit site but may have to go to using banner ads to keep it up and running, if you like the site and want to donate a dollar or two to keep it going strong, please press the Paypal donation button on the left – it will be appreciated! Thanks for all your support.

Hazy Daze™ 1985 to 1986

The About This Site section has been filled in more detail, and you can check that out by  clicking HERE. Coming up in February I have an article on affordable green-screening coming up, as well as some new interviews. Stay tuned…

As Darkness Sets In 1984

I’m currently talking to filmmaker Erik Kristopher Myers of Four-Fingered Films, LLC recently about  cutting a retro 80s trailer for my cult slasher movie AS DARKNESS SETS IN. It is a typical whodunit slasher from that era that starred Tami S. Marshall, Anthony Chilla, Ann Ehlers, David Bretag, Kelly Clark, Tim Reed, Michael Gerischer, and Cliff McFerren. It was seen by 1,000s of people at various conventions, and I have hopes of eventually releasing it on DVD.

Happy Birthday Don Dohler!

This Wednesday we wish a very happy 64th birthday to our friend and mentor filmmaker Don Dohler. There are a couple of great fan pages dedicated to him on Facebook. Don, thanks for being a fantastic inspiration. We love and miss you.


Adventures of Louanna Lee ani

Next, principle photography on ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE episode 2 has wrapped and is now in post production. Special guest stars of this episode include comedic actor Will Haza and horror host Count Gore De Vol. To order Louanna’s mystery DVDs and her upcoming Rock CD, click HERE.

Every other day is Halloween

Correspondent Leanna Chamish informs me that a brand new review of EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN (the life and career documentary of horror host celebrity Dick Dyszel) is up over at The review is by Steve Pattee and includes screencaps. Find out more HERE.

99 percent sure, a Pat Taggart film

Speaking of reviews I have a NEW review for the site. This month I take a look at filmmaker Pat Taggart’s indie romantic comedy 99 PERCENT SURE. To get the lowdown on this film and my thoughts on it click HERE.

Fear of Clowns 2

And to top things off, producer/director Kevin Kangas’ sequel  to his smash hit FEAR OF CLOWNS is now available for download or streaming through This action-packed gore-fest stars Jacky Reres, Frank Lama, Johnny Alonso, and Mark Lassise as Shivers the Clown. Click HERE to get it!


Dead Hunt movie review banner

DEAD HUNT gets a double review! Bill Hollister and Anthony Hartman of The Bodycount Continues forum guest review this 2007 slasher thriller by Don Dohler and Joe Ripple. Check it out the results HERE.


Adventures of Louanna Lee banner

ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE: the pilot episode of this independently produced television show gets guest reviewed by Peter Bradshaw. To check out the results for CALL ME LITTLE MISS TNT click HERE.

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Joseph McClurkin, Leanna Chamish, DEAD HUNT

A happy birthday (1/9/10) to special effects artist Joseph McClurkin! We will be featuring an article by Joe on how he does some of his prosthetic magic for the movies. Stay tuned!


Artbeats Logo

Mitch Klein of Tales From The clued me in that Art Beats – the home of stock footage – is daily putting up a new HD clip of footage that you can download for FREE. And this is the GOOD stuff too. What are you waiting for? Get it while it’s HOT! Click HERE to go to the site.

It’s going to be a busy year here at Smash or Trash, so come back often to check it out!