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Just in time for the Halloween season, we have three new horror movies released by Brain Damage Films! Now, Brain Damage has not always released the greatest stuff; sometimes the films have been head hurtingly bad. But, as of late the movies have bee much, much better! Click on the images below to go to my reviews. Stay spooky!



Hollywood Nightmare poster lr


It has come to our attention that Herschell Gordon Lewis (known as the Godfather of Gore) passed away yesterday evening. He was 87 years of age. Lewis was a  pioneer independent filmmaker who introduced buckets of blood, gore, and splatter to the movie industry in the early 1960s. Such movies as Blood Feast and 2,000 Maniacs! trail-blazed new avenues for aspiring horror movie directors. Working in both Florida and Chicago, Illinois Lewis produced several gore thrillers up until the early 1970s, and his influence was felt for decades. Here in the Mid Atlantic area, he had a wonderful cameo in the Gore fest CHAINSAW SALLY – where he appeared with veteran actor George Stover.  We here at Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking salute Herschell Gordon Lewis for his contributions to the independent film industry. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family, and may he rest in peace. Thank you H.G.L.