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Robert Long II with DEAD HUNT poster

Wow! Going into the fourth year of Smash or Trash. What can be said? Well, I’m incredibly lucky for being involved with such a great bunch of people worldwide. Leanna Chamish and I set out to do a book many years ago, but saw that the web was the way to go to keep things current. Mitch Klein came on board as an incredible supporter, and now we have Judith Furlow and Les Bradley on the team as well. My friend producer Frank Lama  has moved to Toronto Canada, but we still consider him an honorary member around these parts.

Robert Long II Mitch Klein

Independent filmmaking is a lot like life; incredibly passionate, difficult, and insane. Why do we do it? Because it is a drug in our system. Because we are both smart and very stupid at the same time. Because we have something inside of us that won’t quit, no matter how much we crave sanity.  For better or for worse, we are wed to the camera.

Team Smash or Trash

I’m not going to get into a big speech here. I would just like to say that there is room for improvement at the site. Little by little we are getting there. We hope to also do another Smash or Trash episode, and maybe get a podcast going. I want to sincerely thank everyone behind the scenes for their incredible love and support of the site. It would be nothing without you. I want to thank the viewers for increasing in number and for the positive feedback they give us. A very special thank you to the After Movie Diner podcast for all their support from the great city of New York.

George Stover in Desperate Living and Galaxy Invader

And a very big shout out to legendary actor George Stover because he is awesome and we all love him to pieces here at Smash or Trash. May you rock on for many more years in the movies George!

So keep coming back. I hope to get a lot more cool interviews, reviews, and how to’s up on the site soon.

Thank you.

Robert Long II

Smash or Trash Independent FIlmmaking Creator


6 years in the making, THE BONEYARD COLLECTION is finally available to the public! Edward L. Plumb and L.J. Dopp wrote, produced and directed this horror comedy in the mid 2000s, and is being released through ITN Distribution.



Check out the stars of this movie!

 Candy Clarke (American Graffiti), Brad Dourif (Child’s Play), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), Tippi Hedren (The Birds), George Kennedy (Cool Hand Luke), Robert Loggia (Sopranos), Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers), Ronn Moss (Bold and the Beautiful), William Smith (Every Which Way But Loose), Barbara Steele (Black Sunday), Brinke Stevens (Body Double), Susan Tyrrell (Cry Baby)

Forry Ackerman

Hosted by Forrest J Ackerman and a bevy of beautiful ghosts, the movie takes the viewer through four tales of terror. The first is called HER MORBID DESIRES, which follows the story of a young actress Freddi (Erica Hanson) in tinseltown that is shooting a vampire movie. The big problem is that someone is killing the starlets on the set! Can Freddi solve the mystery behind these Hollywood murders before she becomes the next victim?

Next up is a trailer for BOOGIE WITH THE UNDEAD, which is the tale of a popular all girl band that gets booked into a gig in a town overrun by zombies!

CRY OF THE MUMMY is the comedic adventures of a mummy that can no longer find work in Hollywood. Failing at star tours and paper routes, he hires an agent and tries his hand at stand up comedy and commercials – but he really wants to direct!

G Kennedy

THE DEVIL’S DUE AT MIDNIGHT rounds out the movie about the a coven of witches are being hunted by Ken Foree and George Kennedy. Can they stop this horde of female vixens before they can summon up Satan (Brad Dourif)?

Brink Stevens Edward L. Plumb Erica Hanson

This DVD will come loaded with extras, and sports beautiful production values, tons of Academy Award winners, and surprises galore!




Indie Filmmaker Joe Ripple (Timewarp Films) is also the founder of a great charity SCARES THAT CARE. March 31, 2012 he is helping to host a great dinner party with Kane Hodder, Cerina Vincent, and Ernie Hudson – while helping those people in need. Click HERE or the image above to get the details!


 Reviewer Judy Furlow is back with a new review! Check out her take on the out-in-left field indie short ABRAHAM LINCOLN.


Guest reviewer Joseph Henson (The Hysteria Continues) gives us the lowdown on the fourth outing of the ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE. This time it is an old manor whodunit!


Eric Thornett of PIRANHA PICTURES is premiering a new movie on February 18th. It is called A SWEET AND VICIOUS BEAUTY and is a period piece horror movie. The premiere will be held in Gaithersburg, MD and one of the stars is Sara Cole (DEAD HUNT). This flick looks fantastic and I urge anyone that can make the premiere to do so. Click HERE or on the image above to learn the details. The film starts at 6PM.

Louanna Lee episode 4

Philip J Cook has posted the 5th episode of MALICE and the story is really getting good! Jesse (Leanna Chamish) has disappeared and the paranormal activity is starting to hit the family’s house hot and heavy. The battle lines have been drawn as they gear up against the spirits that infest their home. Click HERE or the image above to go to the latest episode!

After Movie Diner

Jon Cross and THE AFTER MOVIE DINER are back with another Don Dohler filled podcast. This time Jon’s very special guest is the legendary George Stover. Plus they go into an in depth review of GALAXY INVADER and ALIEN RAMPAGE. Click on the image above or HERE to go to this great site!


Filmmaker Kevin Kangas of Kangas Kahn Films has updated his movie blogs for GARDEN OF HEDON and BOUNTY. If you haven’t visited his blog page you are REALLY missing out. He is always very honest and detailed on the hells he has gone through on the sets of his independent films. These are a must read for filmmakers. Click HERE or on the image above to go to the blogs.


Indie filmmaker Erik Kristopher Myers has been busy putting the final touches to his award-winning movie ROULETTE, which will have another gala showing at the HOT MEDIA INTERNATIONAL FILM AWARDING event in Silver Spring, MD on March 31st.  He has also been busy finishing up THE DEVIL’S PLAYTHINGS as well as getting at least two other films underway. Definitely he is a human dynamo! You can get more information HERE.