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Drive In Coming Attractions trailer

Well, this Tuesday marks the 3rd anniversary of the site. I came up with Smash or Trash as early as 2004 after watching a horrendously bad independent horror movie called DETOUR. Somehow people were getting good money together to put out sub-level crappy movies – and it had to stop. So I decided to write a book on how to do better independent movies and how indie filmmakers could get more bang for their buck. I was living in Hollywood at the time, and got in touch with the great folks at Timewarp Films (Don Dohler, Joe Ripple, Leanna Chamish, Mitch Klein, etc) on the East Coast. Being a huge fan of this company’s movies, I was extremely fortunate to become close friends with Leanna and Mitch, and they have been an incredibly supportive influence on me – and have always had my back.

In 2007, I was still mourning the death of my friend Don Dohler – and was getting frustrated with the glacier pace that completing the book was taking. I was ready to throw in the towel on the whole project, but these two people helped keep my spirits up and convinced me that a website was the way to go. They could not have been more correct. Now, in 2011, Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking continues to capture an ever growing audience. Not only do I plan to spend more time than ever getting interviews, movie reviews, and how-to’s up on the site, but I also have another avenue in which to do so: webisodes and a television program.

Smash or Trash Team Mitch Klein, Leanna Chamish, Robert Long II, Frank Lama

Movie producer Frank Lama called me last Fall with the idea of making Smash or Trash a television program as well as a website. Who am I to turn down a win/win situation? I immediately said yes! We shot the first episode a couple of weeks ago, and will be going into post on it soon. Not to be idle, the next couple of shows are being organized even as I type this. The first show was a lot of fun and it should just keep getting better and better!

So be on the look out this week for updates and cool news. Starting off on the ew stuff – check out the Smash or Trash movie trailer page on Youtube. Notice that coming attractions image above? Click on that to go to it. See you at the movies – sooner than you think!

Wayne Shipley director of one eyed horse

Director Wayne Shipley (One-Eyed Horse) gets a great interview over at EERIE DIGEST. Mr. Shipley is noted for being one of the few directors to direct a Western on the East Coast. Click on the image above to go to it!

Horrorfind Projector

If you are a horror filmmaker, you need to click on the image above. It will take you to the page where you can register to enter the 2nd annual Horrorfind Film Festival!


Heads up lovers of indie horror slashers! We have a good one up for review. SLAUGHTERED comes to us by way of Australia. It is creepy and well done. To find out what I have to say about it, click on the image above!



Saturday February 5th was the launch of Smash or Trash TV. There is just something unbelievably cool about seeing a dream become a reality. Smash or Trash TV is making its home at the fantastic (and affordable) Blue Omega Entertainment Studios in Annapolis, MD.

George Stover, Leanna Chamish and Frank Lama on the set of Smash or Trash

Alfred Guy, Brian St August and Robert Long II

I will post a LOT more about the experience here in the next week, but here are a few photos from the day courtesy of Les Bradley, Louanna Lee, and Lee Doll.

Lee Doll and Robert Long II

Victoria Lynn, Louanna Lee and Frank Lama

My thanks go out to Frank Lama (my co-host and co-producer), my great guests, and a damn terrific crew!

Timewarp logo

New Timewarp Films Project Seeks Actors!



Getting ready to cast some actors for an instructional DVD shooting during one weekend in April. Pay and food, along with credit and copy provided. Videotaped auditions welcome, actors must excel in improvisation.

Needed are the following; Extremely Arrogant actor (M or F), Slimy Creepy Filmmaker (M), Extremely hot and sexy actress (F – NO NUDITY), Older Actor (50-60 Age rage), Bumbling Actor (M or F) along with a few other small speaking roles. If interested, send headshot/video audition/questions to

Think of every audition you have ever been on. If you’ve seen something rude, strange or laughable, re-enact it for your audition and send it in!

Best –

Joe Ripple

PresidentTimewarp Films, LLC.