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Danielle James

Hey! We wish Los Angeles filmmaker Edward L. Plumb a big happy birthday today. Edward is a producer on many, many gigs out in Hollywoodland and we wish him all the best. I want you to know that there is a present in the mail heading your way sir! May you have many more birthdays!

Yowza! I have been working on the new Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking Television episode. This one will focus around the work of filmmaker Kevin Kangas (Hunting Humans, Fear of Clowns, Bounty). Here is a segment from the new show where some interviews were done at the 2012 World Premiere of Kangas’ GARDEN OF HEDON . Check it out!


A little while back we had podcaster Jon Cross interviewed on the site for being a hardcore Don Dohler fan, so we could find out what it was that he loved about Don’s films. Well now he is joined by fellow New York City Dohlerite and they talk all things Dohler and their love for the newer Timewarp Films movies. You can find that at this link HERE.

Stay creative!

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RH Cinemagic


It is with extreme sadness that I report that stop motion animation master Ray Harryhausen has died on this day in London, England. He was an incredible influence on countless people in the film industry, and had a career that spanned decades. Rest in peace, Ray.

Creature Feature

I am glad to announce that Dick Dyszel, Leanna Chamish and John Dimes are dishing up the yucks this week as they host a viewing of CARNIVAL OF SOULS over at CREATURE FEATURE. Check it out!

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