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Who is Robert Long II?

Is he an actor, a filmmaker, a musician, an artist? He’s all of those things and more. Born and raised in Davenport, Iowa Robert Long II discovered his creative abilities at an early age. By the age of seven he had his art published as a book cover for elementary students. Since then, it has been a wild ride with many adventures along the way. Here are some of the stops along the way:

Robert’s Hard Rock Days:



KRUSIFEX – Hard Rock Band 1979 to 1985. Long was the lead singer of the group. Back in 1979 Long formed the hard rock group Hex, which evolved into the heavy metal band Krusifex. The band played together until the summer of 1984, when a car accident caused damage to Long’s vocal chords.

Robert’s Daily Comic Strip:


Hazy Daze™ 1985 to 1986

Hazy Daze™ – 1985 to 1986. Daily comic strip Long created that ran in college newspapers.

Movie Projects:

As Darkness Sets In 1984

“As Darkness Sets In” -1984. Starring Tami S. Marshall, Ann Ehlers, David Bretag, Tim Reed, Cliff McFerren, Anthony Chilla and Scott Naumann. Written, produced and directed by Robert Long II. A mid-80s slasher that has the usual teens being pick off one by one by a masked killer. Played at screenings and conventions to over 1,000 people. There are plans to remaster it and release it on DVD with extras sometime in the future.

Mommy 1995

“Mommy” – 1995. Starring Patty McCormack (Bad Seed) and Jason Miller (Exorcist). The production storyboards and MOMMY logo by Robert Long II.


Shadow People Jeff carney

“The Shadow People” – 2000. Produced and directed by Jeff Carney. Starring Scott Naumann. Robert Long II served as an associate producer on the project under the name Robert Bass. Many of the props and illustrations necessary for the production were created by long, including the DVD/VHS cover art and logo.

Bubba Ho Tep 2002

Bubba Ho-Tep – 2002. Starring Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead) and directed by Don Coscarelli (Phantasm). Robert Long II served as a day player in the concert flashback scene.


3:52 Shawna Baca

“3:52” – 2005. Directed by Shawna Baca. Starring America Ferrera. Robert Long II served as the assistant to the co-producer (Edward L. Plumb).


Don Dohler, Robin London, Blood Massacre, George Stover

“Blood Massacre” – 2005. Produced and directed by Don Dohler. Starring George Stover, Richard Ruxton, and Anne Frith. Robert Long II designed the promotional ads for the re-release of this grindhouse shocker.


Harvesters starring George Stover, Leanna Chamish, Steven King

“Harvesters”– 2005. Produced by Don Dohler, directed by Joe Ripple. Starring George Stover, Steven King, and Leanna Chamish. Robert Long II designed this promotional poster to be given to fans at various horror conventions.

Stakes promo poster, Don Dohler, Joe Ripple, Robert Long II, Mitch Klein, Leanna Chamish

“Stakes” promotional poster – 2005.Produced by Don Dohler. Directed by Joe Ripple. Starring Jamie Bell, George Stover, Erin Corsair, Steven King, Leanna Chamish, and Syn DeVil. Long created this promotional poster to be given to fans at conventions.


“Tomoko’s Kitchen” – 2006. Directed by Shawna Baca. Starring Cassandra Peterson (Elvira). Robert Long II served as the assistant to co-producer Edward L. Plumb.

Phantasm box set

“Phantasm – The Boxed Set” – 2006. Written, produced, and directed by Don Coscarelli (Beastmaster). Starring A. Michael Baldwin, Reggie Bannister, Bill Thornbury, Kat Lester, and Angus Scrimm as the Tall Man. Robert Long II has a long history with Phantasm, starting with the limited edition 20th Anniversary poster he produced in 1999. In addition, his tribute art to composer Fred Myrow can be found on the bonus disc of the boxed set.

Dead Hunt 2008

“Dead Hunt” – 2008. Directed by Don Dohler (Nightbeast) and Joe Ripple (Stakes). Starring Dennis Hill, Sara Cole, John Patrick Barry, Coleen Schafer, and Justin Timpane. Robert Long II designed the DVD box art and promotional materials for this Timewarp Films’ production. He also created the prop magazine that actress Leanna Chamish presents in her opening scene.


“Terror in the Pharaoh’s Tomb” – 2008. Produced by Gary Svehla and directed by Sue Svehla. Starring Lon Chaney Jr, Barbara Stanwyck, Lionel Atwill, Peter Lorre, Bela Lugosi, and Leanna Chamish. Long plays the part of Manners, a greedy man who awakens the mummy and suffers his wrath. He also did the effects for the Queen’s death sequence at the end, and served as a still photographer as well.

“Fear of Clowns 2″ - 2008

“Fear of Clowns 2” – 2008.Written and directed by Kevin Kangas. Starring Jacky Reres, Frank Lama, Johnny Alonso, Tom Proctor, Leanna Chamish, and Mark Lassise. Long served as a production assistant and still photographer on this production.


Adventures of Louanna Lee DVD

“Adventures of Louanna Lee” action/adventure series – 2009. Produced by Lee Doll. Starring Louanna Lee, George Stover, Leanna Chamish, and Victoria Lynn. Long is both the Assistant Director and the Production Designer on this series, and has acted in a couple of episodes as well. Pictured above is the logo he created for the series, as well as the DVD cover for the pilot episode.

Boneyard Collection 2009

“The Boneyard Collection” – 2010. Written, produced, and directed by Edward L. Plumb and L.J. Dopp. Starring Kevin McCarthy, William Smith, George Kennedy, Tippi Hedren, Ken Foree, Brink Stevens, Leanna Chamish, Robert Loggia, Donald F. Glut, Barbara Steele, Candy Clark, Brad Dourif, Forry J Ackerman, and a plethora of others. Robert Long II wore many hats on this production, including that of associate producer, actor, interviewer, stills photographer, and promotional art designer.

Blood Boobs Beast Don Dohler

“Blood, Boobs, and Beast” – 2009. The award-winning documentary of the life and times of DYI filmmaker Donald M. Dohler. Directed by John Kinhart. Starring J.J. Abrams, Don Dohler, Tom Savini, Joe Ripple, Tom Sullivan, George Stover, Greg Dohler, Leanna Chamish, Mitch Klein, Dick Dyzsel, and Robert Long II. Long was one of the many close friends and associates interviewed about Dohler.

Crawler, Joe Ripple, Don Dohler, Mitch Klein

“Crawler” – 2010. Produced by Don Dohler and directed by Joe Ripple of Timewarp Films. Special visual effects supervised by Mitch Klein. Stars Justin Timpane, Darla Albornoz, Daniel Ross, and George Stover. Long has had a hand in some of the preliminary visual effects as well as promotional art.


SEALED FATES, Joe Ripple, Fred Cowie, Ryan Thomas, Brian Dragonuk, Leanna Chamish, Tom Tansey

“Sealed Fates” – 2010. Produced and directed by Joe Ripple of Timewarp Films. Starring Frederick Cowie, Helenmary Ball, Brian Dragonuck, Leanna Chamish, Ryan Thomas, and Tom Tansey. Long was involved in a variety of responsibilities for this production, including art direction, foley, set design, and props. One of the segments “Man’s Best Friend” is a screenplay by Mitch Klein based off of Robert Long’s short story.

Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre Zombies

“Nudist Camp Zombie Massacre” – 2010. Directed by Tim Davis. Robert Long II has had a hand in designing some post production animation cells for this feature.

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