Independent filmmakers David Geatty and Tom Griffith (both of Don Dohler‘s THE ALIEN FACTOR) are in the process of producing a dramatic action film. This short movie deals with a couple of Vietnam veterans that have hit hard times. Things are so bad for them that they live on the outskirts of town in a farmer’s barn.


Both men are about 70 and are in rough shape. Willie is a sick invalid that stays in the barn while Myles forages for food. Not a good existence, but rather consistent. This all changes one day when a gang of bikers, fresh from pulling a crime, decide to hide out at the very same farm that the vets are staying at. Things get bleak when a gang member accidently kills Willie, and Myles must summon up his past skills in war to take on this gang and avenge his friend’s death.


I got to spent a day in the country watching Geatty, Griffith and crew shoot scenes for the promotional trailer. It was on a dairy farm in Northern Maryland and I found the cast and crew friendly, talented, driven and no nonsense. They accomplished a tremendous amount in the three days they shot. It was like watching a well-oiled machine bent on a mission.


While there is an underlying message to this film, it is not a documentary. It is a fully shaped production filled with action, drama, pathos and revenge. Dave Geatty and Tom Griffith are accomplished professionals and are going to put together an incredible film. With this they will be showing this at Veteran Foundations all around the country, raising awareness of the plight of many American veterans, regardless of what wartime service these men and women participated in.


This creative time is ready to rock and roll, but still needs additional starting funds to get up to speed. This is where YOU can help! I know – you’re saying “Oh boy, here comes the pitch.” Now, now – let’s not roll the eyes, okay? All I am asking is if you respect what these gents are trying to do (raise awareness for homeless vets), if you appreciate what the men and women of the military have done for you (putting their lives on the line to protect the freedoms that we cherish), then please donate a little to their GoFundMe campaign. They also want to hear from you! There are comment boxes on their sites, so please leave them your thoughts and a good word.


So, go on over to the Myles Hall: Honor Reclaimed links, leave a comment and make a donation of a few bucks. Hey, it’s the season of giving. I’m going to support our past troops and this cool action drama; are you? Do it – make me proud.