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Mitch Klein Green Lantern

Happy Birthday to Smash or Trasher Mitch Klein! (AKA Green Lantern)

Les Bradley Editor and Filmmaker

Les Bradley has been doing a fantastic job editing the footage to Smash or Trash television episode #1. We want to wish him a very happy birthday this June 26th!

Dead Hunt winner

Other lucky winners include:

Tina Beckel – Louisiana

Pete Crenshaw – Maryland

Bjarke Johansen – Denmark

Kit Lively – Texas

Johnny Sanders – Oklahoma

Robert Jones – California

Josh Gratton – Canada

David Molle – Ohio

Suzanne Letcher – Illinois

Melvin horror movie poster

Movie review correspondent Judith Furlow looks over the hilarious Torma-like MELVIN – the tale of a zombie nerd. She gives it a good rating so click on the image above and check it out!

Bounty a movie by Kevin Kangas

Maryland-based Kevin Kangas has done it again  with the docu-drama styled horror movie BOUNTY. Click on the image above to go to the in-depth review of this thrilling independent motion picture starring Tom Proctor and Neil Conway.

kill the monsters

Independent filmmakers Brian Pennington and Zachary Sutton bring this fun dark comedy to Vimeo. Full of monster, heroes, babes, mad scientists, and action – it is worth a few fun minutes of your time. Check it out by clicking the image above.