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Frank Lama Jacky Reres

See that dashing guy up above? That’s Frank Lama. Incredibly talented actor and moviemaker, and a great human being as well. We here want to wish him a fantastic birthday today. Frank, wish you well and wish you were still making movies with us here in the Baltimore area.

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The monsters are running amuck and terrorizing Alice!  Phil Cook and Eagle Films have done a great job with episode 8 of MALICE, and it can be found – in full – at this link HERE.

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Smash or Trasher filmmaker Mitch Klein called me and hipped me to a new short movie made with BLENDER software . This is a science fiction short called TEARS OF STEEL. Incredibly well done work with this free software which now supports live action compositing! I urge all low-budget filmmakers to check this out. It is inspiring, and it goes to show what creative people can do with available software.

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1974 brought the world one of the first Star Trek fan films that went to the point of creating realistic sets, costumes, special effects and miniatures. Paragon’s Paragon was the brainchild of John Cosentino (Alien Factor, Galaxy Invader, Blood Massacre) and starred his family and friends as members of Star Fleet as well as on the side of the Klingons.Much of this project was covered in the original  CINEMAGIC by Don Dohler. The film itself is 100 minutes long. I received a truncated version of 30 minutes from Don Dohler. From that I have made an 8 minute highlight reel. It can be viewed on YOUTUBE (sans sound) and on VIMEO (with a soundtrack).It would be incredible to see John’s work restored and in its original 100 minute format. Perhaps some day he will get a kickstarter project for it going. I for one would put money towards it. Paragon’s Paragon is an incredible Super 8mm feat considering it was done well before the days of CGI. I urge you to check it out.

Garden of Hedon puzzle

 Kevin Kangas (Kangas Kahn Films,LLC) has posted a teaser to his upcoming film “Garden of Hedon.” This is a deleted scene (six minutes!) That delves into some of the wild mind warps that happen in this palace of debauchery. Look for yours truly (Robert Long) in a small part! Click on the image above to go to the video.


Like the show “American Horror Story?” Then you will like MALICE. Produced by Phillip Cook, this modern haunted house web series stars Brittany Martz, Rebekkah Johnson, Mark Hyde, Leanna Chamish and Matthew James Gulbranson.  Coming January 15, 2012. Click on the image about to watch the trailer.

The Alien Factor (1977) — Jeff Twiller

Legendary genre actor George Stover sent me the link to this crazy Youtube video. A guy by the name of Jeff Twiller did a ballpoint pen animation of a husky, sweaty guy doing a review of the cult classic “The Alien Factor.” Click on the image to watch the 4 minute review – if you dare!

Don Dohler

The photo above was taken by Leanna Chamish, a few years back on the set of DEAD HUNT. This week we take a moment in remembrance to filmmaker Don Dohler, whom this site is dedicated to. We lost this fine man three years ago to cancer. His accomplishments are too numerous to list here, so I will say he was a pioneer for do-it-yourself filmmakers and an incredible inspiration to many people in the movie industry. On the personal side of his life he was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, sibling, mentor, and friend to those family members and friends that were part of his life. Don, in honor of your memory I will be watching your movies this week.

Safe House poster

The gala world premiere of Johnny Alonso’s SAFEHOUSE will be this Friday at the Historical Senator Theater in Baltimore. It promises to be a red carpet event. Everyone in the area should check it out. Details can be found HERE.

Roulette poster

Erik Kristopher Myers brings forth his brand new actress in this new installment (Episode 13) of LUCK OF THE DRAW. Will she be able to breathe new life into the troubled production? Click HERE for all the juicy details!

NYC Finance Con

In other news, did you know there is a big indie film conference coming up in March of 2010? It will be held in New York and will deal on one of the most IMPORTANT matters to modest budget movies; how to get financing! You will not want to miss out on this! Details on the speakers, event, etc can be found HERE.

Bounty scene starring Tom Proctor

Director Kevin Kangas (Hunting Humans, Fear of Clowns) brings his fans an exclusive clip from his action-packed movie BOUNTY starring Tom Proctor. Check out the scene HERE! 

Will Haza

Up and coming Comedian/Actor Will Haza has been busy guest-starring in the 2nd episode of the “ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE.” A man of many talents, he has also produced a brand new episode of MIDNIGHT BREAKFAST starring Monty Carlos. This off-beat puppet show pokes fun at talks shows and is a blast. You can catch the latest installment HERE.

Aoll 2 teaser

Busy shooting of the next episode of “The Adventures of Louanna Lee” is deep into production. The still above is the main cast posing “in character.” Not only does this episode feature crowd pleasers George Stover and Leanna Chamish, but the very special guest star is none other than TV’s Count Gore De Vol!!! The production promises to be great fun and highly entertaining. Stay tuned to this site for more updates.

AoLL 1st Episode

Speaking of the “Adventures of Louanna Lee,” did you know the pilot episode is now available on DVD for the first time? Follow Louanna Lee (a Nancy Drew-like character) on her first case as she comes across a diabolical scheme that involves crooked gambling and the possible death of a beloved racehorse. It stars Louanna Lee as well as genre favorites George Stover and Leanna Chamish and guest stars Les Bradley, Robert Long II, and Wayne Shipley. The DVD comes stockpiled with extras too:
87 minutes of programs!
Episode 1 of Adventures of Louanna Lee, “Call Me Little Miss TNT”
4 Louanna Lee Music Videos:
– “Light of Love”
– “Spirit Leads Me”
– “Can’t Decide”
– “Little Miss TNT”
2 Preview Trailers
Plus Mini-Feature, “A Day At The Antique Shop”
DVD includes Mini Poster insert
Check out the new store and pick up your copy HERE.

Hey, another interview, review, and contest coming up. I’ve added five brand new links to great people and companies that can help your films in the LINKS section.


Blood, Boobs, and Beast

BLOOD BOOBS & BEAST, the documentary on independent filmmaker Don Dohler (1946 to 2006) is now available. Besides fascinating interviews with Dohler, director Joe Ripple, and veteran actor George Stover there are several celebrity interviews with such people as Tom Savini (Friday the 13th), Tom Sullivan (Evil Dead), Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Films) and J.J. Abrams (Lost, Alias) on how Don Dohler inspired their lives and careers and their insights into what made this man tick. It is an incredible account of the life of a man that shot movies in his backyard that got shown all over the world. This is a two-disc set that is loaded with extras, including Dohler’s 1982 sci-fi/horror masterpiece NIGHTBEAST. Click on the image above to order yours today!




Happy Birthday to Filmmaker Donald F. Glüt!

A happy birthday to independent filmmaker Donald F. Glüt! This man inspired many people with his “underground films” (including director John Carpenter) and has several movies, books, and soundtracks available. Click on his photo above to go to his website to see what new productions he has been busy on!

Robert’s head shot

ROB, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE UPDATES? Oh boy. Well, the start of the year I am getting ready to do some serious updates. Unfortunately good intentions don’t count for much – actions do. What happened is January 19th some jackass on the seventh floor of my apartment building stupidly cut my phone line while having their cable installed. It took a month for Verizon and my building to track down where it happened and to get it fixed and up and running again. During that time I also got the flu that had been going around so I was out of it as far as getting anything done.

So I thank all of you for your patience. What is coming up is an article on affordable convincing green screen effects, and I will be adding more to the article on practical Poor Man’s Process. As to interviews I will be getting special effects artist Tom Sullivan’s (Evil Dead trilogy), filmmaker Jon Clark, filmmaker John Bowker, filmmaker Joe Sherlock, and actor Daniel Ross’ up (Dan, if you are reading this please send me the CD of your photos). I have many more interviews to go up and hope to be adding content over the next several weeks so keep checking back frequently.

Last week I got asked to help out with some art for an upcoming movie called NUDIST CAMP ZOMBIE MASSACRE. It is a horror comedy and details about it can be found HERE. Lastly, I have updated the page about myself. No, this is not a brag book. It occurred to me that some people might ask me, “Why the hell should I take indie movie advice from you?” This hopefully answers that question. It is by no means detailed or finished but I do have up some of the projects I have worked on. It will be an on-going update that will get filled in over time. Why not just post it on the IMDB? Because my page there sucks. There are so many Robert Long’s in the movie business that most of my entries get put to the wrong Robert Long or not at all. This helps rectify that problem and will hopefully show folks I do know a bit about what I am talking about! That page can be found HERE.