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 Last Friday I took a break from the biz to meet some Forum Friends at Monster Mania 16. Four other members of THE BODYCOUNT CONTINUES forum were there and it was a great time had by all! We hung out in the restaurant/bar and then checked out the slasher DEAD HUNT. I wish I could have stayed the whole weekend because I heard it was a tremendously fantastic time had by ALL.  My buddy Leanna Chamish was there on Saturday with producer Curtis Prather and John Dimes to promote Spooky I can say I will be back again, as Monster Mania totally ROCKS!

Adventures of Louanna Lee Lovin Fool

The 3rd episode of Louanna Lee – “Lovin’ Fool” – is now available for sale at her official site. This episode is her wildest yet, where she has to rescue three kidnapped fashion designers from a mad bomber. With the help of her Aunt Jenny and Victoria they set a trap for the madman – only to get caught in it themselves! The DVD has a lot of extras including two music videos, a photo gallery, preview trailers, and a blooper reel. Visual Effects artist Mitch Klein was on hand for this episode to enhance it with some incredible explosions! This episode stars Louanna Lee, Will Haza, Victoria Lynn, Bob Clark, Robert Long II, Leanna Chamish, George Stover, Brian St. August, Alfred Guy, Erik Kristopher Myers, Shayna Doll, Les Bradley, Jeff Martin, Jennifer Rouse, Scott Nelson, Bell Constantine, Wayne Shipley, and Zach Phoenix. A Lee Doll Production. Click on the image above toi go to Louanna’s site to order it!



Non-union Short Film Project

“Fake Brains”

Location: Washington DC

Shoots: Early-mid October


Young woman– Early 20’s, innocent looking, must be able to act like she’s really screaming (actual scream can be dubbed in post). Must be able to deliver a sales pitch.

Zombies– Must be able to act like a slow “The Walking Dead” or Night of the Living Dead type zombies.

Vampire– Must be an “old school” vampire, Bela Lugosi style.  No Twilight or True Blood types.

Copy, Meal. and Credit

Email headshot or current picture and resume with the character you are submitting for in the subject line of the email to: 


If you are a Mid Atlantic Independent Filmmaker, I encourage you to  check out this event. Details about it can be found by clicking the banner above.


Director Francis Abbey delivers a holiday hit of mirth with BOXING DAY. Stars Bridget Delvin Burke, Demetrius Parker, Jim Murphy, Vicki Hatford, Jenna St. John, and Danny Gavigan.  Click on the image above to go to the full movie review!

Smash or Trash merchandise

Hello everyone,Just got my Smash or Trash Indie Filmmaking baseball jersey yesterday, and I love it! The company doing them did a great job! Also, a buddy of mine (Randall Thomas) just got his Smash or Trash Indie Film-making hat and coffee mug – which are both very cool! You can now get coffee mugs, hats, t-shirts, water bottles, hoodies, and many other items that sport our cool and unique logos, designs, and emblems. These are the perfect gift for yourself or for the independent movie maker in your life. Plus every purchase made goes towards keeping the site and content coming fast and strong for years to come. Click on the images above to go to the new store!

The New Blood, a documentary about a trio of zany, DIY horror filmmakers. 

The New Blood Banner

At the age of 50, they’re finally getting their shot at the big time as fledgling national network Documentary Channel (DISH & Direct TV) produces a feature length documentary on the trio’s work. Our hopes is that you’ll introduce your readers to this unique group so that they can watch the progress of three underdogs, attempting to take their home made productions to the big time! I’ve clicked on the website and checked it out. These guys are hilarious in their quest to get their dreams up on the large or small screen. There are also several youtube clips of their trials and tribulations that you can check out. I sincerely recommend that you click on the banner above and check these guys out, and also to check them out on the Documentary Channel!