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Greeting one and all and happy Thanksgiving week! I will be spending my four-day weekend doing a big update, so be looking for more come next week!

Roulette poster

But first, I want to tell you about Ethan Meyer’s LUCK OF THE DRAW, which is an online, in-depth documentary on the making of the independent thriller ROULETTE (by Erik Kristopher Myers). Each online chapter talks about the trials and tribulations of producing an independent film, and chapter 12 is a real nail-biter. What do you do when your film is completed, and an unforeseen problem blindsides you and threatens the integrity of your whole production? To find out, click HERE! This festival-worthy motion picture stars Mike Baldwin and Will Haza, and features genre favorites George Stover (Desperate Living), Frank Lama (Fear of Clowns 2), Leanna Chamish (Dead Hunt), Lee Doll (Grave Mistakes) and Dave Kalman (Come Hell or High Water).

Don Dohler Giveaway

Don Dohler winners

Out of 307 entries, I just picked the two November Don Dohler DVD contest winners. Randall Thomas of Rockville, MD won “Blood Boobs & Beast” and Anthony Hartman of Englewood, OH won “Dead Hunt!” There will be another giveaway in December. Thanks for participating! Remember to support independent films!

Robert Long II
Creator of Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking

Mark Bedell

If you have the National Geographic Channel on your cable package, tune in this Thursday, November 12th and watch the show: NAKED SCIENCE.  The episode is called “DIRTY BOMB ATTACK”.

     Action actor Mark Bedell art directed portions of the show.  He also effects coordinated the show with his team, and portrayed the “Bomb Expert” as well as one of the Bombers.

     Want to do Bedell a favor? He does not have the National Geographic Channel in his area and would love to see this show, so if it’s easy for you to record stuff from TV it would be great to get a copy. Contact him HERE.

Hello faithful readers! I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Sorry for the lack of updates, but last week I was flying solo at work (while my supervisor took some much-deserved time off) so I have had no time to write. To top it off there has been a bug going around the office that hit me hard on Friday and I have spent my Halloween weekend in bed with a fever – no fun.

Don Dohler Giveaway

However, I do have a great little giveaway going on starting this week where two lucky readers will win some free DVDs! They are both based on my friend and mentor, filmmaker Don Dohler. One is DEAD HUNT – the last horror movie he directed. The other is BLOOD, BOOBS, & BEAST – which is an award-winning documentary on Don and his life and films. Details on how to win the DVDs can be found HERE.

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