A Movie Review by Robert Long II

Starring: Mark Hutchinson, Tom Ward, Camille Yourell , Gerard Fallon, Andrew Neenan, Marius Puodziunas, and Eugene Horan.

Directed by Stephen Patrick Kenny

Released by WildEye Releasing

Genre: Found Footage

PMK 03

Seven friends and a cameraman trail out in to the wilderness of Ireland to pay respects to a friend that died a year previous. With the footage shot they hope to put together a nice testimonial tape for their friend’s family. All the friends meet up, drink, and share stories about Brendan (who had died) while traipsing into the wild. At a point in their journey they run across a a bleeding, half-naked man running their way in terror. He babbles that he and his girlfriend were attacked on the trail by some unseen assailants. He runs off and the Brendan crew try to figure out what to do. Continue on or turn back and try to find one of their members that had left (after an argument). They split up, and it is here that this group of friends start to get picked off one by one by hideous people in pig masks.

PMK 02

THE PIGMAN MURDERS takes a lot of cues from THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. While it is not the same story, it is the same structure. The positives of it all is that this is a well acted, competently made movie. The story makes logical sense and it is very gripping at times. There are also a few points where incredible sacrifices within the group have had to have been made.

PMK 05

I’m not a fan of found footage and mockumentaries, but I give this a solid recommend for those viewers that enjoy the genre. It does not go farfetched and the main characters are quite likable. The only thing I found a little strange is that at times – especially towards the beginning – the camerawork is not better. They did after all hire a professional to record their trip. But this is a small quibble for an otherwise well done film.

Sadly there are not many extras on this disc, just a trailer and a short film entitled CURSE OF THE BANSHEE. The main film runs 90 minutes.

PMK 04

RATING: 8/10 MISSING PERSONS. It’s a good film and a shining star of the found footage  genre. It doesn’t add anything new to the field, but what it does, it does well. You can pick up the film HERE.