A movie review by Robert Long II ©2015

Starring Daniel Ross, Cory Okouchi, Jay Saunders, Devon Brookshire, P.J. Megaw, Dan Guy, Carla Okouchi, Jasmine Guillermo, Sam Lukowski, Elliot Kashner, Daniel Mascarello, Lyon Beckwith, Mina Noorbakhsh, Vicki Parks, Tori Bertocci

Special visual effects by Brian Anderson

Written and directed by Justin Timpane


Internet Synopsis:  In this final installment, the Ninjas and their friends find themselves pitted against the most evil and memorable monsters of them all – Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Werewolf, and MORE! Loaded with martial arts action, bloody horror, gun play, magic, comedy, pop-culture references, and a tightly woven twist-filled plot.
 – Written by Daniel Ross


Do you like the humor of Josh Whedon and Kevin Smith? Then you will probably enjoy this movie. The 3rd film in the trilogy of Ninjas VS _____, it wraps up the overall story started with Ninjas VS Zombies. There is an attempt to get a new viewer caught up a little with the previous movies, but it could have been done better with a concise narration at the beginning. As it is if you are coming in cold, it will probably be a bit confusing.


It’s 90 minutes of adventure, action, romance, comedy and horror as our trusty band of ninjas battle the biggies in the classic horror realm; Dracula, a werewolf, Dr. Frankenstein, a mummy, and a coven of witches. Good characters go bad and bad characters go good as the story moves along. Many familiar faces from the previous films show up to do battle with these forces of evil, and this film does give final closure for all involved.


This production is dedicated to the memory of Brian Anderson, the young man that was the special effects supervisor on the film. His effects work is extremely well done. The action and fight scenes are excellent. The musical score matches the pace and the mood perfectly.


The characters (save one) are all well acted and engaging on both sides of the yin and yang. Those coming back to their roles wear them as a second skin. Those performers portraying the baddies play them with absolute glee. Writer Timpane gives everyone some witty dialog to spew as they attack one another. The only character I didn’t care for was a female referee that shows up 1/3 a way into the film. I found her irritating and I actually cheered when that character met a (spoiler) gruesome death.


The DVD comes jam-packed with extras including a couple of fun commentary tracks, audition tapes, and a nice tribute to Brian Anderson.


FINAL RATING: 7/10 NINJA THROWING STARS. Great final chapter to this trilogy, and it was superb to see everyone – and I do mean everyone – come back for it. This is a great party movie to put on with friends. If you are looking for some mindless fun – call some people over, grab a pizza and beer and have a howling good time. You can pick up your copy of NINJAS VS MONSTERS HERE.