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Lee Doll interviewed by Robert Long II

So it has been quite a while since anything of weight has gone on at the site.

What has been going on?

Well the big news is that the 1st episode of Smash or Trash TV has been edited by Les Bradley. The final sweetening and tweaking is being done by Producer Frank Lama, Everything is going well, and we hope to have the final show finished in very early August of 2011. Stay tuned – it is going to be a lot of fun and will target the work of Maryland filmmaker Lee Doll in the premiere episode.

Besides this, the usual bugaboo of real life has reared its ugly head, so there has not been much time for writing film reviews or post articles. Changes in the economy have kept me glued to my seat at work with very little time to devote to the passion of indie filmmaking. I am hoping that changes soon. I do know that Mitch Klein of our group has been very busy with the effects for the Timewarp Film called CRAWLER. Les Bradley and Frank Lama – as stated above – have been busy with the final edits to the show. Leanna Chamish has a new show with comedian John Dimes coming out called Spooky Movie Television. On the whole however, these pursuits have had to be worked around the usual drudgery of making a living.

Filmmaker Wayne Shipley has shot a trailer for a proposed Western movie, Lee Doll is working on a musical, and Kristopher Erik Myers is getting ready for the world premiere of ROULETTE. Kevin Kangas is continuing his post production work on GARDEN OF HEDON, and his movie BOUNTY had a successful run on cable. MIDNIGHT MARQUEE is gearing up to do a sci-fi movie. THE BONEYARD COLLECTION – an indie movie shot in Hollywood – will be discussed here soon on the site.

Movie review-wise Judy Furlow and I will be back to discuss what we have seen recently, including a very good movie titled BLOOD OATH. Until then, try to stay cool out there, and we hope you hear from us soon.

Robert Long – creator of Smash or Trash


We wish Smash or Trash TV producer Frank Lama a very happy birthday today. Frank did a great job co-hosting and producing the first episode of Smash or Trash TV. Be on the look out for it soon! 


Smash or Trash wish veteran actor George Stover a very happy birthday! George can be seen as a regular on the “Adventures of Louanna Lee” detective program. He has also worked with filmmakers Don Dohler, John Waters, Ted A. Bohus, Joe Ripple, Chris LaMartina, and Kevin Kangas – among many others. His numerous film appearances include Female Trouble, The Alien Factor, Roulette, Grave Mistakes, Garden of Hedon, and One-Eyed Horse. Drop him a comment here at Smash or Trash and wish him a happy one!