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Hello everyone! It has been quite a year and for December I have posted a lot of goodies to look over. Let’s get started shall we?

Rpulette Poster

Erik Kristopher Myers’ Thriller/Drama ROULETTE gets a detailed examination. Click on the poster above to go to the review!

Murder Game Poster

Robert Harari’s 2007 slasher THE MURDER GAME gets the review treatment. Check it out by clicking on the poster above!

Matt Hargraves (Justin Timpane) found dead

Timewarp Films’ DEAD HUNT (2007) gets a great positive review over at HYSTERIA LIVES! Click on the image above to check it out!

Louanna Lee sings the FIXER theme

Singer Louanna Lee performs the theme song for the upcoming cop drama THE FIXER – by Lee Doll Film Productions. Click on the image above to watch it!

Don Dohler and Robert Long II

This week marks the 4th year since the passing of our good friend and mentor Don Dohler (January 27, 1946 – December 2, 2006). We take a moment to honor the memory of a person that did so much for the independent film community. Rest in peace, Don. You are missed.