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Review By Robert Long II ©2022

Written by Alex Paxton and Richard A. Buswell
Directed by Richard A. Buswell
Starring Laurie Catherine Winkel, Coleman Crenshaw, Joshua Busick, Damon Ekstrom, and Christopher Preyer

Link to movie:

Running Time: Two Hours
Genre: Spy Thriller
Filmed in Kansas City, MO

Even assassin’s need lunch

Story Synopsis: “In the very near future, in a nearby major metropolitan city, the Lassiter Corporation will have completed the Wildfire Project. Wildfire is a computer virus capable of the complete destruction of all electronic technology developed after 1986. International intelligence agencies are desperate to recover the virus for technological superiority over the world in a new type of arms race to rival the Cold War. Only one thing stands in the way. An ordinary waitress named Jen.”

So this movie came to me in a strange way. My friends and I were heading out of Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention 2022 held in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Director Richard A. Buswell approached us, introduced himself, and asked if we would check out his movie.

He went on to describe in great detail what the movie is about, and what went into the making of it. Luckily, he was very charismatic and held our attention.

I promised I would check it out on Vimeo and give him an honest review. He’s looking for foot traffic, and maybe this will help.

I’ve reviewed many horror and science fiction movies. I also have done my fair share of comedies and dramas, and even a couple of westerns! This – I think – is my first foray into the spy thriller genre.

Make no mistake; this is not a secret agent movie. Do not expect James Bond. No huge villain base, no floating boat cars, no minions running around in color coordinated jumpsuits.

Jen cannot catch a break

So, you have read the synopsis above. An agent named Frank gets ahold of a worldwide computer virus on a chip, smuggles it out of a heavily guarded building, and gets pursued. He slips the chip into the apron of a coffee shop waitress named Jen. That’s all I’m going to say about the story.

I will say that you can expect double crosses and triple crosses. It’s an interesting plot. I can also say pretty much across the board that the acting is excellent. I think they went with bonafide talent from an acting agency, and it shows.

Sniper vision

There is action as well as fist fights and gunplay. There are an incredible amount of locations – from the ordinary to the exotic to back alley attacks. Some good stunts as well as interesting camera angles.

Being a modest budgeted indie movie out of the Midwest, it isn’t perfect. The two hour runtime could perhaps be tightened up, and the lighting is blown out in some areas. A professional gaffer working with the cinematographers would have gone a long way to giving a distinct look and a mood to the movie.

The bodies pile up…

Bottom line? I enjoyed this! It was such a nice change of pace from what I’m used to reviewing. It’s for rent or for purchase over on Vimeo, and it does come with a bunch of extras to check out. Not perfect, but it is fun, and deserves to find its audience. Just don’t expect any lighters that turn into flamethrowers.