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A big happy birthday to Jon Cross and the After Movie Diner! The podcast is one years old and it has been a great ride so far! The Diner has become a very good friend to us here at Smash or Trash (check out all the coverage on Don Dohler!) and we hope Jon and the podcast go strong for many, many more episodes.

To celebrate the year of podcast goodness, Jon has gotten together a terrific show that centers around one of the most successful independent films of all time – EVIL DEAD. Give a listen to it and enjoy the special, special guest interviews he has. It is Tom Sullivan, Hal Delrich AND all three of the EVIL DEAD women! Wow! The link is HERE.

UPDATE: It’s email week at the AMD – let’s hear what Jon Cross at the AMD has to say about it:

“Let’s make this E-MAIL week in the Diner!

HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD! Let us know how you came across the show, if you’re a new listener or old, what your favourite shows are, if you have any criticism and any films you want to see covered that we haven’t done yet! 
GO ON send the show an e-mail to, there maybe something in it for you if you write the best letter ;)”

Awesome podcast that loves Maryland filmmakers. Also love all things Bruce Campbell, Don Dohler, Leanna Chamish, Joe Ripple, Dick Dyszel and George Stover. Tend to love horror, crime, action and superhero movies too. CHECK IT OUT.

Brittany Martz

A big congrats to Phillip Cook (Eagle Films) and the cast and crew of MALICE.  They recently made their goal of kickstarter by raising over 10,000 dollars to put towards the 2nd season of the show! A fun, spooky series with eye-popping effects and incredible acting!


Independent filmmaker/animator Gints Zilbalodis has done an incredible 2D animated short called AQUA. It is about a kitten that wakes up in a tree, only to find it completely surrounded by the ocean. How will it get out of this terrifying situation? I urge you to check it out over at VIMEO. This talented individual is also trying to raise funds and support for the next project CLARITY – which is about a monster that disturbs the peace of a quiet forest. I urge everyone to contact this filmmaker through VIMEO and see how you can help them out. True talent needs to be recognized!


 Torasu Productions’ J. Michael Whalen (director of CONQUERING THE ROSE) has been busy on a movie called MERRY F#@KIN’ CHRISTMAS. This film is a anthology and Whalen is directing the segment titled THE CRANN DOLL. It stars John C. Bailey (Gardon of Hedon) and I’ll have more updates… soon.


The ever prolific indie filmmaker Joe Sherlock has been flippin’ busy people! Movies, movies, and more movies! Want news on SCENT OF A SASQUATCH and TWISTED TALES? Here’s the LINK. How about TRULY DREADFUL TALES? Check out the info HERE! Joe’s got another anthology film called ABERRATIONS – the trailer is HERE! Hey, remember those shot on VHS horror movies from the 1980s? Well Joe Sherlock is doing a homage to them with a film called BLOODY RED LIPS OF BLOOD. The first photos can be found HERE.

Robert J. Olin meets the BLOOD CREEK WOODSMAN

Some really cool news is that Sherlock and company are starting in on the post production to the slasher BLOODCREEK WOODSMAN. I can’t wait to check it out! Here is an UPDATE!


Smash or Trash would like to wish Baltimore actor Greg Dohler a very happy birthday. Greg is the son of cult film director Don Dohler, and her appeared in such films as Alien Factor, Fiend, Nightbeast, Galaxy Invader, Blood Massacre, and Blood, Boobs, and Beasts. Happy birthday and may you have many more sir!


Lee Doll Film Productions’ DANGEROUS DECEPTION (starring Alfred Guy and Paul R. Sieber) gets a Smash or Trash review. You can read about it HERE.  There will also be a giveaway of a DVD and poster from this movie on the site here very soon!

Recent birthdays! We had some late June birthdays and some upcoming July birthdays that deserve a shout out!


 Filmmaker Mitch Klein (Left-June 30th) and actor George Stover (right July 3rd) also have celebrated recent birthdays. Both are super guys and great supporters of Smash or Trash. We wish them the happiest of birthdays!

Day of the Gun

Special thanks to Leanna Chamish for providing these photos (above). These were taken on location of Wayne Shipley’s new western DAY OF THE GUN.  Some familiar faces could be seen in the crowd and this particular day of shooting revolved around and old-time baseball game. I’m looking forward to more updates about this!


CRAWLER UPDATE: The final timeline is in place and editing is in the works. What does this mean? This means while Mitch Klein concentrates on the visual effects, I have taken it upon myself to work on the credits, the editing, the audio, sound effects, and laying in the soundtrack by Justin Timpane. I showed a very, very rough cut of it to Mitch. We had a good laugh at my animatics (scenes in place for the real visual effects) but I got favorable feedback. Because of this I am tightening up everything. Progress folks – progress!


 The Smash or Trash store now has a TON of new items available!  The only place to get your official Don Dohler and George Stover items. Even better, part of the proceeds go to charity!!! The link to these great grabs is right HERE.


As of this evening, the horror web series MALICE only has 19 more days to reach their Kickstarter goal. YOU can help. Whether it is a dollar to 1000 dollars, you can become a backer to this incredible show. Click on this LINK, check out the show and the cool perks you can get. Then get off your fanny and back them. Remember – support independent productions!