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Robert Longindependent filmmaker and creator of Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking was recently interviewed on the Kate Show – an East Coast talk show (as well as being a Lee Doll Production).

Kate talks to Rob about his career and such highlights as working in Hollywood, Bubba Ho Tep, The Fixer, The Adventures of Louanna Lee, and the films of Don Dohler. It’s a fun recap of a creative person’s body of work.

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Happy new years from Smash or Trash! To kick off the new year I have a few updates in hand, the biggest being that I have edited the first ten minutes of my interview with filmmaker Kevin Kangas. In this clip he is introduced and we get to talking about his first movie, a thriller called HUNTING HUMANS. Kevin is very honest and candid about the hurdles he faces making movies and it is always interesting getting his take on the good and the bad of this industry. More to come but give this a good watch!

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It was sad news to learn that Mike Vraney – the creator of Something Weird Video – has died from cancer this January 2nd, 2014. Vraney became a custodian of obscure, strange wonderful movies and getting them back out to the paying public in video and DVD form. Thanks to him and his company, many independent filmmakers are getting another chance for people to discover their art. Mike, we appreciate your noble efforts, and the Smash or Trash crew send our condolences to your family, friends, and fans during this time.


I have a couple of new movie reviews up as well, the first being ALL AMERICAN ZOMBIE DRUG. It’s about a couple of stoner drug dealers that create a new drug that has – well – some bad effects. It stars one of the cast from THE BIG BANG THEORY. You can get to the review HERE.

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Next up Ben Schyan co-wrote, produced and directed a movie called R & B No Contest: A Karaoke Saga. Schyan is a comedic actor that has appeared in such movies as DEAD HUNT and LIMITS TO AMBITION. The movie is about two young rappers that have to overcome the hurdles of gang members and nympho-maniacs in their quest to win the city-wide karaoke contest. You can read the review HERE.

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Tennessee filmmakers Joseph Henson and Nathan Johnson took a break during the holidays, but are now back to finishing up the principle photography on their latest movie. The film is called THE NIGHT BEFORE EASTER, and is a throwback to 1980s slashers. A maniac dressed in a bunny suit is terrorizing a bunch of teenagers in an indoor storage complex. Look for it later this year out on DVD!

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It has been over three years, but the next episode of SMASH OR TRASH INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING is being edited together. The special guest  is filmmaker Kevin Kangas, and we could not be happier to have him on the show. We talk in depth about his films. Not too much will be cut from the interview (it’s that good) so it will be a long show altogether. Plus we will cover George Stover getting his lifetime achievement  award, Frank Lama will interview Jared Noe about the Red One camera, and we cover the gala premiere of the GARDEN OF HEDON. Here care of youtube is the first four minutes of the program. The viewer can get a feel for the type of production values we are reaching for this time out.

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James Cawley is a world-reknowned TOS Star Trek fan. He took that love and for the LAST 10 YEARS, he has been doing these tremendous Star Trek films by fans for fans called STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES. Tremendous stories with fantastic production values. Many of these films have even had stars from the original series make appearances on these shows. Jim, we here at Smash or Trash salute you and your cast and crew for 10 years of entertainment. Keep them coming!


Late June – early July Birthday wishes go out to a few great people in the indie film industry. Those include Les Bradley, Mitch Klein, and George Stover. A very happy birthday to these gentlemen and may they have many more.

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Danielle James

Hey! We wish Los Angeles filmmaker Edward L. Plumb a big happy birthday today. Edward is a producer on many, many gigs out in Hollywoodland and we wish him all the best. I want you to know that there is a present in the mail heading your way sir! May you have many more birthdays!

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Yowza! I have been working on the new Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking Television episode. This one will focus around the work of filmmaker Kevin Kangas (Hunting Humans, Fear of Clowns, Bounty). Here is a segment from the new show where some interviews were done at the 2012 World Premiere of Kangas’ GARDEN OF HEDON . Check it out!


A little while back we had podcaster Jon Cross interviewed on the site for being a hardcore Don Dohler fan, so we could find out what it was that he loved about Don’s films. Well now he is joined by fellow New York City Dohlerite and they talk all things Dohler and their love for the newer Timewarp Films movies. You can find that at this link HERE.

Stay creative!

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Smash or Trash. Enjoy the little note of holiday cheer!


The New England Dynamic Duo of Matt Farley and Charles Roxburgh have hit a home run with the new horror/comedy DON”T LET THE RIVERBEAST GET YOU. Watch the Creature From The Black Lagoon‘s ugly 3rd cousin take on the citizens of a small town. You can read the review HERE.

Leanna Chhamish products

The official Leanna Chamish merchandise is now available at cafepress. Mugs, t-shirts, buttons, and a hundred other items. Part of the proceeds go to a great cause – fighting for a cure for Alzheimers. Order yours today!

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I took time out to do a little teaser trailer of upcoming topics for the second episode of Smash or Trash TV. I need to line up lights, a camera or two and studio time. Also a guest host. Hopefully something can get started in January. Enjoy this short teaser and we’ll dive into the show in the near future.


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    1974 brought the world one of the first Star Trek fan films that went to the point of creating realistic sets, costumes, special effects and miniatures. Paragon’s Paragon was the brainchild of John Cosentino (Alien Factor, Galaxy Invader, Blood Massacre) and starred his family and friends as members of Star Fleet as well as on the side of the Klingons.Much of this project was covered in the original  CINEMAGIC by Don Dohler. The film itself is 100 minutes long. I received a truncated version of 30 minutes from Don Dohler. From that I have made an 8 minute highlight reel. It can be viewed on YOUTUBE (sans sound) and on VIMEO (with a soundtrack).It would be incredible to see John’s work restored and in its original 100 minute format. Perhaps some day he will get a kickstarter project for it going. I for one would put money towards it. Paragon’s Paragon is an incredible Super 8mm feat considering it was done well before the days of CGI. I urge you to check it out.


    The first segments are now up at Vimeo!!! Click on the image above to go to them. My sincere thanks to Les Bradley and Frank Lama for the great job of design and editing. I also want to thank all those that have supported us through the making of the first episode. Write back and let us know what you think!

    Smash or Trash TV

    So – am I going to stop talking about how great Smash or Trash TV is looking? Well as you can see above I have put a little slide show together showing some of the “sweetening” the Producer Frank Lama has done.  But, no more news on that until the finished product is done. I will say that everyone involved has a lot to be proud of. For a first episode it turned out great. I think Frank and I are looking forward to taking a short break away from this (once done) and then getting on to episode 2.

    Horrorfind Weekend is coming up at the end of August, and I hope to be there on Saturday. I believe they will be screening the 2nd episode of Lee Doll’s “Adventures of Louanna Lee” and I want to be there to see it on the big screen (I play the bad guy). Besides starring Louanna Lee and Victoria Lynn, the episode includes genre legend George Stover and Scream Queen Leanna Chamish. The guest star for this production was none other than TV’s Count Gore De Vol! He and Leanna Chamish will be at Horrorfind so be sure to get get a picture and a signed copy of this DVD!

    If you see me walking around in my Smash or Trash T-shirt by all means introduce yourself. I always enjoy talking to people that visit this website.

    Actress Judy Furlow celebrated her birthday this week, and let’s see what she has cooking for the movie reviews for the site.

    Stay tuned…

    Lee Doll interviewed by Robert Long II

    So it has been quite a while since anything of weight has gone on at the site.

    What has been going on?

    Well the big news is that the 1st episode of Smash or Trash TV has been edited by Les Bradley. The final sweetening and tweaking is being done by Producer Frank Lama, Everything is going well, and we hope to have the final show finished in very early August of 2011. Stay tuned – it is going to be a lot of fun and will target the work of Maryland filmmaker Lee Doll in the premiere episode.

    Besides this, the usual bugaboo of real life has reared its ugly head, so there has not been much time for writing film reviews or post articles. Changes in the economy have kept me glued to my seat at work with very little time to devote to the passion of indie filmmaking. I am hoping that changes soon. I do know that Mitch Klein of our group has been very busy with the effects for the Timewarp Film called CRAWLER. Les Bradley and Frank Lama – as stated above – have been busy with the final edits to the show. Leanna Chamish has a new show with comedian John Dimes coming out called Spooky Movie Television. On the whole however, these pursuits have had to be worked around the usual drudgery of making a living.

    Filmmaker Wayne Shipley has shot a trailer for a proposed Western movie, Lee Doll is working on a musical, and Kristopher Erik Myers is getting ready for the world premiere of ROULETTE. Kevin Kangas is continuing his post production work on GARDEN OF HEDON, and his movie BOUNTY had a successful run on cable. MIDNIGHT MARQUEE is gearing up to do a sci-fi movie. THE BONEYARD COLLECTION – an indie movie shot in Hollywood – will be discussed here soon on the site.

    Movie review-wise Judy Furlow and I will be back to discuss what we have seen recently, including a very good movie titled BLOOD OATH. Until then, try to stay cool out there, and we hope you hear from us soon.

    Robert Long – creator of Smash or Trash