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Aoll 2

Saturday August 3rd at Horrorfind 13 (Gettysburg, PA) the  2nd episode of the teen detective show “Adventures of Louanna Lee” will be showing on the big screen at 10 am. Producer Lee Doll will also have a table set up that will sell all 3 completed Louanna Lee episodes, the 70s cop drama The Fixer, as well as posters and CDs. Some fun facts about this Louanna Lee episode include:

• Special guest stars Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) and award-winning actor Will Haza (Roulette)

• The regular cast includes legendary genre favorite George Stover and Scream Queen Leanna Chamish

• The episode is Halloween-themed (thus the showing at Horrorfind) and is family friendly

• Several members of the cast and crew will be on hand to meet and greet the attendees

• This episode is dedicated to the memory of indie filmmaker Don Dohler

Also showing after that will be Justin Timpane’s movie NINJAS vs VAMPIRES. Come out to support independent films!!!

Smash or Trash TV

So – am I going to stop talking about how great Smash or Trash TV is looking? Well as you can see above I have put a little slide show together showing some of the “sweetening” the Producer Frank Lama has done.  But, no more news on that until the finished product is done. I will say that everyone involved has a lot to be proud of. For a first episode it turned out great. I think Frank and I are looking forward to taking a short break away from this (once done) and then getting on to episode 2.

Horrorfind Weekend is coming up at the end of August, and I hope to be there on Saturday. I believe they will be screening the 2nd episode of Lee Doll’s “Adventures of Louanna Lee” and I want to be there to see it on the big screen (I play the bad guy). Besides starring Louanna Lee and Victoria Lynn, the episode includes genre legend George Stover and Scream Queen Leanna Chamish. The guest star for this production was none other than TV’s Count Gore De Vol! He and Leanna Chamish will be at Horrorfind so be sure to get get a picture and a signed copy of this DVD!

If you see me walking around in my Smash or Trash T-shirt by all means introduce yourself. I always enjoy talking to people that visit this website.

Actress Judy Furlow celebrated her birthday this week, and let’s see what she has cooking for the movie reviews for the site.

Stay tuned…


Hey folks! The main computer crashed so updates are not as plentiful. I will say that you should check out this trailer to “All’s Fair in Love and Work” which is a romantic comedy short by indie filmmaker Ethan Meyer. The movie is is making the festival circuit, and stars Lucas Beck, Michelle Murad, Leanna Chamish, and Justin Tully. Click on the image above to watch the trailer.

Stellar Quasar

While we are putting the finishing touches on the 1st episode of Smash or Trash Television, I thought this would be a good time to tell everyone what else is in production by some creative East Coast Filmmakers. About we have a couple of stills from a science fiction movie –  STELLAR QUASAR AND THE SCROLLS OF DADELIA – that is being produced by the fine people at Midnight Marquee Productions; Gary and Sue Svehla. Lensed by Jeff Herberger, this space opera promises to take you to a galaxy far, far away. Midnight Marquee is also the company that offers some of the coolest genre, horror, and sci-fi books, movies, and photos I have ever seen. Check them out HERE.

Adventures of Louanna Lee episode 4

Speaking of Jeff Herberger, he shot the latest episode of ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE title “Little Bit of Love.” this time Louanna and family are invited to a fancy costume party and get trapped in a mansion with a killer. It is a real whodunit and should be out on DVD by early Fall. This episode stars Louanna Lee, Victoria Gottlieb, George Stover and Leanna Chamish. Special guest stars include Paul R. Seiber, Jennifer Rouse, Jason Patrick Presson, Sam Lukowski and Dylan Heintz. You can check out the ultra cool trailer Jeff cut for it HERE.

Spooky Movie Television

Virginian producer Curtis Prather has been busy with his show SPOOKY MOVIE TELEVISION which stars comedian John Dimes and actress Leanna Chamish. The show is hosted by Dr Sarcofiguy (Dimes) and his stalker/fan Boo de Pest (Chamish) as they introduce brand new independent horror movies and shorts. The show airs in a few Virginia markets with plans to expand into the Maryland area as well as a Youtube channel. You can get more information HERE.

Tim Davis

This falls under the WAY TOO COOL department. To help raise the remaining funds to finish NUDIST CAMP ZOMBIE MASSACRE, filmmaker Tim Davis is making available some Hollywood used props – including the two incredible ones from ALIEN and STAR WARS shown above. If interested you can check out the links on his facebook page HERE.


Posted by Frank Lama: From Producer Sharif Salama and Director Jared Noe… NOSTALGIA… a 15 second teaser for our Short Film Nostalgia. Go to to see the movie in its entirety… you will laugh… I promise!


Short horror film CARVED from Sam Lukowski. Filmed on a Canon HG20. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Color Graded in Apple Color.

Devils Playthings

From Four-Fingered Films comes THE DEVIL’S PLAYTHINGS. Five teenagers playing with a Ouija Board are led to a sacred binding place for the malevolent demon Asmodeus who, five years prior, possessed a young girl, forcing her to murder her own sister. Now the demon seeks its freedom, and is bent on murdering the exorcist who imprisoned it — by using the body of the priest’s own niece!

Adventures of Louanna Lee 4

From Lee Doll Film Productions: The trailer to the fourth ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE – LITTLE BIT OF LOVE – now in post production. This one is a real whodunit set in a spooky mansion! 

Day of the Gun

A new Trailer for “Day of The Gun”, a new western film from Writer/Director Wayne Shipley, Edited by Jeff Herberger.

Galaxy Invader at Rifftrax

News from Leanna Chamish: Don Dohler’s GALAXY INVADER ends up on Rifftrax to get the MST3K treatment!