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So – am I going to stop talking about how great Smash or Trash TV is looking? Well as you can see above I have put a little slide show together showing some of the “sweetening” the Producer Frank Lama has done.  But, no more news on that until the finished product is done. I will say that everyone involved has a lot to be proud of. For a first episode it turned out great. I think Frank and I are looking forward to taking a short break away from this (once done) and then getting on to episode 2.

Horrorfind Weekend is coming up at the end of August, and I hope to be there on Saturday. I believe they will be screening the 2nd episode of Lee Doll’s “Adventures of Louanna Lee” and I want to be there to see it on the big screen (I play the bad guy). Besides starring Louanna Lee and Victoria Lynn, the episode includes genre legend George Stover and Scream Queen Leanna Chamish. The guest star for this production was none other than TV’s Count Gore De Vol! He and Leanna Chamish will be at Horrorfind so be sure to get get a picture and a signed copy of this DVD!

If you see me walking around in my Smash or Trash T-shirt by all means introduce yourself. I always enjoy talking to people that visit this website.

Actress Judy Furlow celebrated her birthday this week, and let’s see what she has cooking for the movie reviews for the site.

Stay tuned…

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