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So there is this cool, creepy web series  called MALICE. Now this is an on going program about a family that moves into a haunted house.  As the description says, it is like JUNO meets THE SHINING. They’ve posted six episodes (all professionally done by creator Phil Cook) but they need YOUR help to finish out the other six episodes for the season. Plus, as an on-going webseries -hey – they want to do MORE seasons!!!

The creator Philip Cook has been a staple in the science fiction realm since the 1980s. His movies include, Outerworld, Invader, and Despiser. He brings to the table his considerable talents and has brought on board Brittany Matrz, Rebekkah Johnson, Leanna Chamish, Matthew Gulbranson, and Mark Hyde to the talented cast of this sinister tale.


 The series has started a kickstarter account and have raise $1,500 of their $8000 goal. This is were YOU come in! Check out the Kickstarter page (it has the episodes linked there), see the cool perks you can get in on, and become a backer. Whether you pledge $1 or up to $1000, you – the viewer – are helping to keep a kick ass horror fantasy series alive! Not to mention the more you pledge the cooler the stuff you get – know what I’m saying folks?

For less than one of your Starbucks coffees you can help keep this creativity rolling. Click on the link and support independent productions – we have less than 30 days to reach the goal!


Jon Cross and his incredible podcast talk about the early Timewarp Films HARVESTERS and STAKES, and features the talented Leanna Chamish discussing the various filmmakers she has worked with. Completely awesome and a fantastic listen! Listen to it HERE.


This is an INCREDIBLY cool book by author J. A. Kerswell. I did up a review of it (you can read it HERE) and the good folks at  IPG Distribution gave me two copies to give away in a contest – and I have! The drawing was Friday – June 15th at midnight. The two lucky winners are Annette Sowell of North Hollywood, CA and Shannon Kinney of Queen City, TX. Congrats to you both! The prizes will be going out soon!