A Dramatic Horror Movie by Trombley and Zachary

Based on a true story, Mortal Remains is a tale of revenge, forgiveness, and betrayal. Chris Levinson is a teenager who has been plagued by nightmares since the murder of his best friend and high school crush Amanda Hayes.  With no end to his chilling nightmares in sight, Chris enlists the help of his friend Nick and a paranormal investigator to contact Amanda’s ghost and ask for forgiveness for his role in her demise.

The trio head for the woods where Amanda went missing… but they soon discover they are not alone. Amanda’s ex boyfriend and his gang of small-time drug dealers are also camping nearby. Tensions rise when people from both groups vanish in the middle of the night. They soon realize that murderous supernatural forces are at work, manipulating them against each other like pawns in a deadly game of chess. The survivors soon come to understand the dark and horrible secret that led to Amanda’s death.


Mortal Remains is at its heart an old fashioned ghost story about an innocent girl who is betrayed by the very people she thought she could trust with her life,” said co-writer and co-director Dan Zachary (Darkest Hour).

“Amanda isn’t your average, everyday victim though. Somehow she is able to exact revenge for her death from beyond the grave, using dark forces to manipulate the people responsible for her demise and them turn against each other. That is what is fun about this project. In this world, the skeletons in your closet literally come back to haunt you.”

Zachary co-wrote and co-directed the project with his production partner Trevor Trombley. The two have combined their talents previously on the screenplay for the vampire thriller Slow The Decay.


“The Mortal Remains plotline was inspired by a horrible incident, which occurred back in the winter of 1999,” Trombley said. “A dear friend of mine had been attending a mutual friend’s house party when an argument occurred, and she decided to leave the party and hitchhike home. Her body was discovered months later in a remote part of the woods, raped and murdered.”

Trombley said he has his own theories about what may have happened to his friend, and he and Zachary amalgamated them with key events in their own lives to develop the plot of Mortal Remains.

“It’s inspired by a true story, yet it is a completely fictional retelling of what truly happened,” Trombley said.

“It’s a dramatic horror – thriller, a spectacular but fictional story about revenge and redemption in a small town. It’s filled with moments of comedy, action and terror, because we’re striving to appeal to a broad audience with an entertaining movie experience.”

There is a great production page with photos that can be found on facebook.

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