George Stover: this guy is a great actor, and has worked for people like John Waters, Don Dohler and a bevy of other talented directors. Well he was at this Hot Media Awards Ceremony and was taken by COMPLETE surprise to find out that he won the Lifetime Achievement Award in Independent Film! He also just won the prestigious Rondo Award and was inducted into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame. He is holding a beautiful collage presented to him from designer Carl Porter. Congratulations to George! Thanks to Les Bradley and Leanna Chamish for the photos from this event.


Filmmaker Erik Kristopher Myers (ROULETTE) gave a compelling, touching speech about George and his career at the awards ceremony before presenting him with his lifetime achievement award in independent films.


Erik welcomes the thunderstruck George Stover up to the podium to accept his award.


Microphone in hand, George thanks those in attendance for the award, going on to relate how lucky he felt to be able to be there that day.


Among those in the crowd wish George well was Mitch Klein – a fellow Smash or Trasher and one of the best visual effects artists on the East Coast.


George’s close buddy (and a fellow Smash or Trasher) Leanna Chamish was on hand to congratulate George. Here he is again holding the beautiful collage designer Carl Porter had made for him.


Here is a close up of the artwork.


 George is among those ROULETTE cast and crew members that came to a showing of the film at the Hot Media Awards Ceremony. Again my sincere thanks to Les Bradley and Leanna Chamish for supplying the photos.


Get Yourself Some George Stover Merchandise and Help Support a Worthy Cause 

Baltimore’s George Stover has acted in over 100 movies, television shows, film shorts, and commercials. He is best known for the characters he has portrayed for filmmakers John Waters and Don Dohler,  as well as for many others. He is a beloved character actor to 1000’s around the globe.

Unfortunately, George was a victim of a violent crime in early 2012. He was shot by an intruder that broke into his home. Thankfully, he survived the attack, and is on the mend.   He has heard from family, friends and fans constantly since the event, giving him their support.

Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking have been a long time friend of George Stover, and we wanted to do something to help him – as well as others – that have been victims of violent crimes. With George’s permission, we have designed a T-shirt, coffee mugs, etc. that can be purchased through cafe press. The artwork (shown above) depicts Stover in some of his best remembered roles.

Part of the proceeds are going to go to the MARYLAND CRIME VICTIMS’ RESOURCE CENTER (the Stephanie Roper Foundation), a fine organization that helps the victims of violent crimes. With every purchase you make, You will be helping those that have suffered at the hands of criminals.

To purchase your t-shirts or coffee mugs, go to CAFEPRESS.COM. We at Smash or Trash thank you.