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Well, nice of me to show up after 10 months, eh? A lot has been happening actually. first off, I have been VERY ill in 2017. Diabetes. Then I got involved in the GALAXY INVADER bluray – almost done. Plus I have been trying – repeat – trying to get my damn movie project off the ground. All of this has lead to me having NO time to update the site. And so much has happened. So much to report. But, this is just a teaser to get the rust off the gears and back to my fans. Thanks for being patient all this time.

So to ease back into the picture, I give you a new web series presented by actors Brian St. August and Leanna Chamish. It’s THE ACTORS’ HOT TUB, and they discuss topics important to actors trying to land commercials, movies, or television parts. Give it a watch HERE!

Welcome back and I hope everyone had a great HALLOWEEN. More to come!

I posted the first words of wisdom in the advice column section. You can get to it here.

Hello everyone,

I finished up my tour of duty for Horrorfind March 2008 and have to say that it was tremendous fun! I will go into more detail later in one of the columns about it, but there were great people to meet and good lessons to be learned. I helped man the Timewarp Films table and had a blast! Plus, some good money was raised for the charity “Scares That Care.” Kudos to Director Joe Ripple for that! I will have pictures of the event to post soon.

There are nearly 30 links up on the links page now – check em out! I am working on stuff for the advice column and getting a few more interviews up. Right now I have got to get up and start doing the boring side of stuff – like taxes. Stay tuned this week for more stuff going up, and remember to help get the word out about Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking – where the advice of veterans will help other movie makers make better features!