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We catch up – video-wise – on the works of the very prolific independent filmmaker Dan Zachary. You can check out all the cool video clips HERE.


Synopsis: A group of friends gather for an “All-Girls” camping trip in Amish country. To their horror, “Jebediah” – a vicious Amish serial killer – stalks and slays each one. Not Rated: Contains nudity, violence, language and sexual situations.


Directed by Joe Ripple, written by Robert Ziegler. Starring Brian Greenwell, Danielle Lozeau, Lauren Lakis, Jemma McDime, Sabrina Taylor-Smith, Jessy Danner, Chris O’Brocki, K.J. Linhein, Sam Lukowski, Alexandra Hewett, Frederick Cowie, Vanessa Rae Bent. Special appearances by George Stover, Kevin Kangas and Robert Long.

Jeb advances

Filmmaker Joe Ripple’s last motion picture before his retirement from the industry, this is a great blood-fest roller coaster ride. You can rent or download it from AMAZON.COM.

Robert Longindependent filmmaker and creator of Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking was recently interviewed on the Kate Show – an East Coast talk show (as well as being a Lee Doll Production).

Kate talks to Rob about his career and such highlights as working in Hollywood, Bubba Ho Tep, The Fixer, The Adventures of Louanna Lee, and the films of Don Dohler. It’s a fun recap of a creative person’s body of work.