A Movie Review by Robert Long II

Genre: Action/Comedy

Directed by Charles Roxburgh

Produced by Matt Farley

Starring: Matt Farley, Kevin McGee, Jim McHugh, Tom Scalzo, Brendon Walsh, Elizabeth M. Peterson, Tom Scalzo, Randy Liedtke, Sharon Scalzo, Jon Cross and Jon Wallace

IMDb Summary: A supernatural menace has descended on the peaceful town of Woodsville Center! It’s up to Officer Rusty (Matt Farley), his partner Wolf (Jim McHugh), the mysterious newcomer known as The Eastern European (Tom Scalzo), mayoral candidate Vance (Brendon Walsh) & his campaign manager Elden (Randy Liedtke), & loyal Officer Annabelle (Sharon Scalzo), to take down this deadly villain!

Surreal. If artist Salvador Dali had to produce a buddy cop show in the 1980s, this is what he would have come up with – “Slingshot Cops.” It’s a tame kid show flavored with murder. High crime in the town of Woodsville Center is selling illegal fireworks or stealing cupcakes. The hard-nosed cops use slingshots instead of guns. A monster gets defeated by bear hugs, smelly cheese, fireworks, a hippy folk song, and a cupcake.

Book ’em Dan O.

A Shockmarathons/Motern Media production is always an acquired taste – like getting used to drinking Scotch. It doesn’t matter if you are sober, drunk, or stoned… you will come away from viewing these movies as thinking, “That was one of the strangest things I have ever witnessed.” Even the late Andy Warhol would be like “Daaaaaaamn!” I mean, I am glad I have come to really appreciate the works of filmmakers Charles Roxburgh and Matt Farley. For the newcomer of their films, be prepared to have to screw your head on a certain way.

You want highlights? Dig this. There is a radioactive foot going around the town robbing people of their senses. A cop forcibly makes his way through an uncrowded city sidewalk by purposely running into people while chasing crooks on foot. Said cop is also stymied when an empty water bottle is placed in his path, and he has to jump clear of it. Seasoned actors appear in the same scene as people that can barely spit out words. It is all a wonderment to behold.

Read the IMDb summary above because I can’t really add more to it. Do  I recommend watching this? Yes. You need to experience a Charles Roxburgh/Matt Farley production. You owe it to yourself to put it on your bucket list to see this – or any of their other movies at least once. Get together with friends, pop some beers and get ready to collectively drop your jaws. You are in for an experience.

Available streaming through Amazon.com. I got a hard copy version of it and if you can find a hardcopy version of it – buy it. It has some fun (if brief) extras.