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While on an archeological dig in Egypt, Rick Banning (Jonathan Ruckman of One-Eyed Horse) discovers the most amazing find in history. He tells his best friend, fellow archeologist John Emerson (John Calvin Doyle), that he has made an amazing discovery, but that if anything happens to him, John is to deliver a letter to Rick’s fiancée Kate Ankers .

Meanwhile, Kate (Nicole Keller) is preparing for her wedding. On the big day, John arrives and breaks the news of the disappearance of Banning. His letter instructs Kate to take the letter and a map to Lord Darby in London. Emerson returns to Egypt to search for Banning, and Kate asks PI Mike Flannigan (Wayne Shipley of One-Eyed Horse) to accompany her. Her uncle Mac (Barry Murphy), editor of the Daily Dispatch sends along intrepid reporter Fay Kendal (Heidi Emmer of The Higgins Show) and photographer Ace Zucco (Leo Wayne Dymowski). He also sends Manny Howard to keep tabs on the rowdy Ace.

At the home of Lord Darby (Reiner Prochaska of Limits to Ambition), Kate learns the damaged map will not help them find Rick. But the map does give them an idea of what he was searching for–the lost city of Lemuria. Darby had been on an ill-fated expedition to the mysterious city many years ago, an expedition where his father was killed. To find out more about the lost city of Lemuria, Kate, Darby and company questions the members of the expedition. Their last hope rests with Sir William Doohan in Scotland. He tells them the story of the lost city. Kate now has no choice but to travel to Egypt to continue the search for Banning.

In Egypt they meet Nadjia (Amina Vohra), a dancer at the Blue Parrot. She tells them that Banning has gone to Lemuria to try to discover why she is being followed. Kate declares they must help Nadjia and her people – the citizens of the lost city. However, that evening a mummy (Karl Hopf) kidnaps the dancer.

Flannigan and Darby, fearing that the ancient civilization is too dangerous for women, lock Kate and Fay in their room and head off to Lemuria to save Nadjia and find Banning. But Kate and Fay are not helpless violets; they quickly get out of the room and follow the men to Lemuria.
Queen Amanetor (Leanna Chamish of Stakes and Fear of Clowns 2), the evil ruler of Lemuria, must find a new body every 100 years; Nadjia is to be the new sacrifice. As the Queen prepares for the ceremony, Darby, Flannigan, Ace and Howard are captured by the guards and thrown into a cell with Banning and Professor Freund (George Stover). Emerson learns Kate has gone to find Lemuria and rides after her.

As the great ceremony begins, Kate and Fay are searching Lemuria disguised as handmaidens, and Emerson is searching the corridors of Lemuria for all of them…

An Overview by Robert Long II (2008)

The DVD has been released through Alpha and comes complete with a cast and crew commentary track, blooper reel, and trailer. Terror in the Pharaoh’s Tomb is the sophomore independent movie of producer Gary Svehla and is written and directed by A. Susan Svehla; their first outing was “Terror in the Tropics” (2005). The movie is a take off of the thrillers from the 30s and 40s, and is reminiscent of Steve Martin’s “Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid” by incorporating footage of the stars of yesterday with the stars of tomorrow. There are special appearances by Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre, Lon Chaney, Jr., Barabra Stanwyck, Lionel Atwill, Leo Gorcey, and George Zucco. This action-packed horror/comedy is a fun Saturday afternoon movie romp that doesn’t take itself too seriously – you can tell every single frame of this feature was a labor of love for the Svehla team. The shooting schedule was 18 days, and the majority of the film was shot blue screen, with a few actual locations, sets, and miniatures as well. The sets, costuming, and props are incredibly lavish for a production of this scale. Stand out performances from Heidi Emmer and Leanna Chamish, and Barry Murphy and Leo Wayne Dymowski steal the show during the comedic moments.

Highly recommended if you enjoy fun independent films. The link for ordering it can be found in the DVD Store section.

6.5 out of 10 stars


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