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Frank Lama Jacky Reres

See that dashing guy up above? That’s Frank Lama. Incredibly talented actor and moviemaker, and a great human being as well. We here want to wish him a fantastic birthday today. Frank, wish you well and wish you were still making movies with us here in the Baltimore area.

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What, two posts in the same week? Well I have a moment to actually do some updating – so there is that. First up is Count Gore De Vol doing a big screen presentation of the movie PHANTASM at the AFI Silver Theatre in Silver Spring. Details are below!


Also the BlueCat Screenplay Competition is back in full swing. If you are an aspiring screenwriter, you will want to check this out!

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2014 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Call for Screenplays

In the spirit of our commitment to the development of screenwriters worldwide, the BlueCat Screenplay Competition holds a longstanding tradition of giving written notes to every screenplay submitted. Each Feature screenplay entered receives two analyses, while each Short screenplay receives one.

All Screenplays submitted by August 1st will receive their feedback by September 1st. ($60 features, $40 shorts)

All screenplays entered by August 1st, 2013 will be automatically entered in our Movie Title Contest. Three winners will be determined by the votes of current 2014 BlueCat entrants and awarded $250 each.

Best Feature Screenplay $15,000 Grand Prize; Four Finalists $2500

Best Short Screenplay $10,000 Grand Prize; Three Finalists $1500
Best UK Feature Screenplay $1500 Prize
Best International Feature Screenplay $1500
Best Movie Title: Three Winners $250 each
Lee Doll display
Independent Filmmaker Lee Doll celebrates his birthday today! We here wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wish him many more. Lee recently released and independently produced musical. To check out the details for it, check out my previous posts on the main page here!
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Mitch Klein and his CRAWLER creation

The Timewarp Films’ sci-fi movie CRAWLER is once again picking up steam – which is fantastic! Here in his own words from a facebook posting is Special FX guru Mitch Klein’s take on the status of the movie: A bit of (good) Crawler news: Late last year I had completed a lot of work, only to have a major setback that left me doing a lot of rework with little success. Last week, thanks to some suggestions from my friend Robert Long, I was able to recover from the original setback and move forward with all that work I had completed. It feels great to be on track again. Thanks, Rob!


Guest reviewer Hugh Robertson gives a very positive review for the 2011 Italian giallo BLOODLINE ! You can check ou the review HERE.



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