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Horrorfind 11

This past weekend was Horrorfind 2009. While a bit light on celebrities, it was big on fun! Good to get together with old friends and to meet up with new ones. The big event for myself was seeing the Timewarp Film’s movie SEALED FATES with a test audience. I wrote a short story for it called “Man’s Best Friend” that Mitch Klein turned into a superb screenplay. The audience reacted very well to the horror up on the screen, so I was most pleased. The movie is a anthology that stars Ryan Thomas, Tom Tansey, Aylor Wells, Leanna Chamish, Fred Cowie, Brian Dragonuk, Phil Amico, Karin Crighton, and Helenmary Ball. The movie is directed by Joe Ripple. I’ll keep folks updated as to a release date.

Veteran genre actor George Stover was at the Timewarp Films table, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. Actress Leanna Chamish was found helping out Count Gore De Vol with his celebrity interviews. A special note about the Count is that his fantastic documentary (by C.W. Prather) played on Saturday. It’s called “Every Other Day Is Halloween” and has a ton of guest interviews in it, including Karlos Borloff. Filmmaker Kevin Kangas was on hand to promote his Fear of Clowns series, Hunting Humans, and his new thriller BOUNTY (starring Tom Proctor).

Mike Hagan Come Hell or High Water Mark Redfield

Also as of this writing I have nearly completed a new review in the “At the Movies” section. This is the first independent Western I have reviewed, and it is titled “Come Hell or High Water.” This is an awesome film by Wayne Shipley, and stars Mark Redfield, Mike Hagan, Richard Cutting, Jennifer Rouse, and Kelly Polchak. You can read about it HERE.

Sealed Fates poster

The upcoming horror movie SEALED FATES (Timewarp Films) will be showing at 11:30AM this Saturday at Horrorfind in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I’m somewhat attached to the film as filmmaker Mitch Klein wrote an excellent screenplay based on my short story “man’s best friend.” The movie is a horror anthology and includes my story, plus one called “collections” and one called “brick by brick.” The stories range from ghostly to grisly so there is something for everyone. I’ll be there Saturday so if anyone runs into me and wants to chat, please do so. I’ll be promoting my website Smash or Trash Independent Filmmaking. There will be a ton of horror celebs and a costume contest and a fantastic dealers room, so I hope to see you there. For more information on Horrorfind Weekend, go HERE.

Quick Update

I’m off to a video shoot for a few days, so I thought I would get a quick update up before I fly to the location. There will be a bigger update once I get back.

September Reviews

There are several independent movies and DVDs that I will be reviewing starting this September. Remember that this site is about more than independent horror and science fiction films. I will also be reviewing an idependently done western as well as some great documentaries. Stay tuned.

Adventures of Louanna Lee

The trailer for “The Adventures of Louanna Lee” has been posted on Youtube. It stars Louanna Lee, George Stover, Leanna Chamish, and Victoria Lynn. The DVD of this pilot episode will be coming soon and will be loaded with extras. The first show has Wayne Shipley, Robert Long II, and Les Bradley as guest stars. Produced by Lee Doll, directed by Matt Berry. You can watch the trailer HERE.

Clowns are scary contest

And don’t forget to enter our “Scary Silver Screens Clown Contest!” Winners will be announced September 25th. Details can be found HERE.