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Ninjas vs Vampires

Endlight Entertainment has released their follow up movie to “Ninjas vs Zombies.” This time the band of heroes takes on the creatures of the night – vampires! This action-packed horror/comedy has come to DVD and is loaded with extras. “Ninjas vs Vampires” got a very solid review at Smash or Trash which you can find HERE and you can order this fun motion picture HERE.

A Little Bit Of Love

Lee Doll Film Productions is well into the latest episode of “Adventures of Louanna Lee” titled “A Little Bit of Love.” Penned by screenwriter Mitch Klein and lensed by Jeff Herberger, the story harkens back to the days of the “old mansion on a stormy night” murder mysteries written by Agatha Christie.

Teen detective Louanna Lee and her family get invited to a gala costume ball being held in a mansion. What should have been a wonderful evening on partying ends up in murder and theft. Can Louanna Lee solve the mystery before she too falls victim to the killer? This episode is being filmed in the Howard County Historical Museum in Ellicott City, MD. It boasts wonderful locations as well as great production values.

This episode stars Louanna Lee, Victoria Gottlieb, Leanna Chamish, George Stover, Sam Lukowski, Steve Rifkin, Jennifer Rouse, Les Bradley, Robert Long II, Mitch Klein, Erik Kristopher Myers, Bob Creager, Kelly Ann, Jason Patrick Presson, Dylan Hintz, Paul Sieber, and Wayne Shipley. To learn more about Lee Doll Film Productions click HERE.


The new Canadian horror movie MORTAL REMAINS – by filmmakers Trevor Trombley and Dan Zachary – is in post! To learn more about this supernatural revenge thriller, click on the poster above.

Scares That Care banner

This past Friday the 13th, Scares That Care – a charity organization founded by filmmaker Joe Ripple – was able to raise over $2,000 for children in need. Smash or Trash thinks that is FANTASTIC.  To learn more about this wonderful organization and how you can help, click on the Scares That Care banner above!

Gothic Set

Filmmaker Karl Hopf wrote a great article on how to do Gothic period piece sets when dealing with an ultra low budget. Click on the image above to check it out!


Director Kevin Kangas is fast becoming  one of the East Coast’s most prolific filmmakers. Since his surprise hit of HUNTING HUMANS, he has thrilled audiences with his FEAR OF CLOWNS series, and is at work on the second edit pass of his current film GARDEN OF HEDON.

BOUNTY premiered in 2009, and is coming to audiences in the Summer of 2011. Starring Tom Proctor, it is a story of a bounty hunter that has his own reality-type cop show on television. He and his men hunt down scumbags all around the country to bring them to justice. In the “current episode” that was being shot, the three bounty hunters were going after someone they suspected in being a serial killer. However, the reality they run into is far worst than even their most vivid nightmare. The last half an hour of this flick will leave you breathless as these men race against the clock to stop the horror that pursues them.

BOUNTY–it will premiere on Video On Demand beginning June 12th, 2011 through August 11th, 2011 on Time Warner Cable, Verizon, Charter, and Brighthouse. I highly recommend you check out this action thriller.

Kevin Kangas blogs

Also, the Kangas Kahn blogs have recently been updated with new pictures. Click on the banner to take a look!

Ted Bohus Movies

Elite Entertainment has picked up Ted A. Bohus’ new film HELL ON EARTH for release, as well as the cult classics THE DEADLY SPAWN and THE REGENERATED MAN. All should come out between Halloween and the end of the year. DEADLY SPAWN may be released on Blu Ray with tons of extra features!

Rpulette Poster

Erik Kristopher Myers’ ROULETTE will have it’s official premier at DC’s World Music and Independent Film Festival in August of this year. The tentative date is August 15th, with a gala awards ceremony later that week, and a big festival after-party to follow. In addition, ROULETTE is also up for awards in the following categories (WMIFF being worldwide and DMV being local):

Best Drama WMIFF
Erik Kristopher Myers for Best Director in Both WMIFF and WMIFF/DMV
Jamie Bender for Best Cinematography in both WMIFF and WMIFF/DMV
Mike Baldwin for Best Actor in both WMIFF and WMIFF/DMV
Ali Lukowski for Best Actress in WMIFF/DMV
Michelle Allegra Murad for Best Actress in WMIFF/DMV
Will Haza for Best Actor in both WMIFF and WMIFF/DMV
Jan David Soutar for Supporting role in WMIFF/DMV
Leanna Chamish for Supporting role in WMIFF/DMV
Brian St. August for Supporting role in WMIFF/DMV
Mark Kilbane for Supporting role in WMIFF/DMV

Congratulations to the cast and crew for the nominations! To watch the ROULETTE trailer, click on the poster above.

Slasher Movies

Here it is people! The latest Smash or Trash contest where you have a chance at winning some really cool indie horror DVDs!!! To find out just how much you know about your slashers, click on the animated banner above.

Scares That Care banner

Scares That Care – founder Joe Ripple and a group of horror fans and filmmakers – is hosting a Friday the 13th $5 Donation Drive for this upcoming May 13th. Now these folks have been helping out needy kids for a few years now, and they do great work. The proceeds from this drive will go to the “Make-A-Wish” Foundation. It’s a worthy cause and participants of the drive will be chosen at random to win some fantastic prizes like an XBox 360 and other cool toys. Click on the logo above to get all the details. I’m going to help out; are you?