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Ninjas vs Monsters

“Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, the Werewolf, and a swarm of classic monsters unite to take on the heroic Ninjas in a battle for the fate of the world. It’s going to be bloody, funny, heart-stopping fun as we bring the “Ninjas Vs” Trilogy to a close…”



Sounds like a cool premise for a movie – right? Well the guys and gals at Endlight Entertainment know what they are doing. They have already come out with the award-winning “Ninjas vs Zombies” and “Ninjas vs Vampires” and are looking to finish the trilogy with “Ninjas vs Monsters.” They need your help in order to do it!

They have an ambitious goal through, and it is all within their reach. People can donate as little as $5 towards the movie. I donated at the $20 level, because that’s where the incentives get interesting! Click HERE to get the full info and details. As of today thre are only 6 days left on their fundraiser. Help these young filmmakers fulfill their trilogy dream – you will not be disappointed!


HAPPY HALLOWEEN from Smash or Trash!





From Smash or Trash creator Robert Long: “I probably will stay in the independent movie biz, as well as doing the show and the site. I am taking a couple of months off from it all, and will get back to it in January of 2012. Part of it is to get healthy, the other is I have other obligations (see the painting above) and such that need to be addressed. There will be some changes though. I only want to focus on the site, the show, and my indie projects. In order to get the time that means I have had to cut off working on other people’s projects. There is more to say but there is work to do. Email me if you would like details. Thank you for your continued interest and support.” 


Lee Doll Film Productions have been featured in newspapers, on Smash or Trash TV, and all over the web. Now check out the company’s segment on the latest CineMaryland episode. Doll keeps going strong and knocking them out of the park! you can see the segment HERE.

Garden of Hedon update

Filmmaker Kevin Kangas is busy in post production of his latest movie GARDEN OF HEDON. He plans to post a 5 minute segment of the movie on the web soon. I’m really looking forward to seeing the final product! I got his permission to post the photo of me taken on the set with the very scary dude from the movie. Stay tuned!

AoLL 4

The fourth movie of the ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE has just been released through Lee Doll Film Productions. It’s a whodunit that takes place in a creepy mansion during a costume ball. This is based on a screenplay written by Mitch Klein. You can pick up your copy of it HERE.

Louanna Lee episode 4

Philip Cook has just posted the 2nd episode of the über creepy MALICE. This gothic horror webseries amps up the chills in this episode. Check it out HERE.

Harry Potter tribute

Smash or Trasher Les Bradley shot and edited together a fun little Harry Potter tribute for a friend of his. You can check it out HERE.