Fan-Produced Film “Bigfoot Vs. The Zombies” needs YOUR HELP!

You heard right. Bigfoot. Zombies. BIGFOOT VS THE ZOMBIES. A new fan-produced, feature length film from the deranged minds that brought you “ADELLE”, “MONSTER IN THE WOODS” and the zombie epic “2” (coming to Blu-Ray from Elite Entertainment this Fall.)

“We are setting out to make the film that we think the fans would want to see in this situation, we don’t want to settle for some half assed human element in this battle, and that’s what a studio would make us do. We think the fans want to see a feature length film that really delivers on what the title suggests. We are promising a film that delivers on that title from the start to the gory end.” Said co-writer/director Andy Davis (2, ADELLE, MONSTER IN THE WOODS).


The fans of the genre will decide if this film gets made by putting up their own money, and offering their own thoughts on everything involved in the film from the look of the creatures to the storyline to weather practical effects will be primarily used or CG.

Any donation of $5 or over will be accepted on the film’s Kickstarter page and the filmmakers are offering up some very cool rewards, like Producer credit on the film, profit splits, bloody props and the chance to play a zombie in the film among many other cool rewards.


“We are letting the fans put up the cash to make this happen, therefore, every element of the film will be voted on by the same people who put up the money to make the film, the fans are our Producers on this project. “ Said Producer Olin Smith

The filmmakers need your help NOW. $15,000 has to be raised by August 30th to put the film into production. If the money is raised, the film will kick into phase two, and a website will be set up with log in info for all the “fanducers” to vote on concept, story, designs and much more.

Donations are easily done and are accepted via credit or debit card on the very secure third party site Kickstarter. No money will be accepted unless the complete $15,000 is raised.


“People can also help even if they cannot donate any money to this project. They can take our info and post it to all of their facebook friends, Twitter, on bulletin boards, in talkbacks and by just helping to spread the word.” Said Co-Writer/Director Davis.

To donate, please visit: http://kck.st/db3ttB

To contact Andy Davis, please email abandonedcinema@gmail.com or add him on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/andydavisandydavis

Please share this release and the links anywhere you see fit, we really appreciate the help!

Visit www.abandonedcinema.com and www.emptyhousefilm.com to see prior works of the filmmakers