Posted by Frank Lama: From Producer Sharif Salama and Director Jared Noe… NOSTALGIA… a 15 second teaser for our Short Film Nostalgia. Go to to see the movie in its entirety… you will laugh… I promise!


Short horror film CARVED from Sam Lukowski. Filmed on a Canon HG20. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Color Graded in Apple Color.

Devils Playthings

From Four-Fingered Films comes THE DEVIL’S PLAYTHINGS. Five teenagers playing with a Ouija Board are led to a sacred binding place for the malevolent demon Asmodeus who, five years prior, possessed a young girl, forcing her to murder her own sister. Now the demon seeks its freedom, and is bent on murdering the exorcist who imprisoned it — by using the body of the priest’s own niece!

Adventures of Louanna Lee 4

From Lee Doll Film Productions: The trailer to the fourth ADVENTURES OF LOUANNA LEE – LITTLE BIT OF LOVE – now in post production. This one is a real whodunit set in a spooky mansion! 

Day of the Gun

A new Trailer for “Day of The Gun”, a new western film from Writer/Director Wayne Shipley, Edited by Jeff Herberger.

Galaxy Invader at Rifftrax

News from Leanna Chamish: Don Dohler’s GALAXY INVADER ends up on Rifftrax to get the MST3K treatment!

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