Greeting one and all and happy Thanksgiving week! I will be spending my four-day weekend doing a big update, so be looking for more come next week!

Roulette poster

But first, I want to tell you about Ethan Meyer’s LUCK OF THE DRAW, which is an online, in-depth documentary on the making of the independent thriller ROULETTE (by Erik Kristopher Myers). Each online chapter talks about the trials and tribulations of producing an independent film, and chapter 12 is a real nail-biter. What do you do when your film is completed, and an unforeseen problem blindsides you and threatens the integrity of your whole production? To find out, click HERE! This festival-worthy motion picture stars Mike Baldwin and Will Haza, and features genre favorites George Stover (Desperate Living), Frank Lama (Fear of Clowns 2), Leanna Chamish (Dead Hunt), Lee Doll (Grave Mistakes) and Dave Kalman (Come Hell or High Water).

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