Adventures of Louanna Lee Lovin Fool

The 3rd episode of Louanna Lee – “Lovin’ Fool” – is now available for sale at her official site. This episode is her wildest yet, where she has to rescue three kidnapped fashion designers from a mad bomber. With the help of her Aunt Jenny and Victoria they set a trap for the madman – only to get caught in it themselves! The DVD has a lot of extras including two music videos, a photo gallery, preview trailers, and a blooper reel. Visual Effects artist Mitch Klein was on hand for this episode to enhance it with some incredible explosions! This episode stars Louanna Lee, Will Haza, Victoria Lynn, Bob Clark, Robert Long II, Leanna Chamish, George Stover, Brian St. August, Alfred Guy, Erik Kristopher Myers, Shayna Doll, Les Bradley, Jeff Martin, Jennifer Rouse, Scott Nelson, Bell Constantine, Wayne Shipley, and Zach Phoenix. A Lee Doll Production. Click on the image above toi go to Louanna’s site to order it!

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