Dr. Les Bradley

Wow. Just wow. I was having dinner with some incredible friends last Sunday – Les Bradley being one of them. He asked how the 1st episode of Smash or Trash TV was coming along. I was honest with him – both Frank Lama and I have been too busy to cut the show we shot a month ago.  Then he dropped a bomb on me; he would be willing to help us edit it!

I had to lift my jaw up off the floor. What you need to know is that Les is a real pro in this business; for him to offer that kind of help for us is just – words fail me.  I talked to Frank and we are both enthusiastic about getting together and talking with Les about the 1st episode! We hope to do that soon, and Smash or Trash TV can get started on the premiere show, as Frank and I work on the script and schedule for the 2nd show.

So we send out a heartfelt thank you to Les for his offer, and will let you know the progress on the show in the near future. As I stated, Les is a pro in the field. He taught audio/video at the College of Notre Dame for years, and he edits a lot of the Baltimore area commercials. To learn more about him and his services, click on the banner below:


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