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The website turns 3 today! So what’s the next step? Well I have thanked the 3 great people that have really helped me out – Leanna Chamish, Mitch Klein, and Frank Lama. The 1st episode of Smash or Trash TV still needs to be edited and we are working on pre production for episodes 2 and 3. My next movie review will be Eric Espejo’s GHOSTS DON’T EXIST. The next site giveaway will be a copy of Lee Doll’s action series THE FIXER.

ghost fixer

My time is becoming more limited ( the site and TV show are my first priority – so I am only taking paying indie gigs now) and I am looking for people that would like to do movie reviews for the site. I am also looking for video editors to help on the Smash or Trash television program. If you have an interest in either of those areas, contact me. I’ll give you more details.

If you click on my photo above it takes you to an interview Corey Williams of the Baltimore Indie Filmmaker did of me. Also, the site will be getting a makeover soon. Also – work has begun again on Timewarp Film’s sci-fi flick CRAWLER.

Here is my last bit of news for the night; if you are an indie filmmaker, we want your footage for our show. Clips from your movies, the trailers, and behind the scenes footage. We will use this on Smash or Trash TV for the intros, the segments, the bumpers, and the end credits. There will be a release form sent to you to be signed that gives us the right to use the footage. This  is all a true benefit to you – the indie filmmaker – because of the positive exposure you will get.

Format details? Here you go: 16 x 9, SD, NTSC, 29.97 frames per second, Audio 48 kHz, and .mov files pressed to a DVD are preferred. If interested get in touch with us soon; the post production on the premiere episode will start soon, and if you snooze, you lose. Contact us through the – what else – Contact Us link.

Thanks – and see you at the movies.

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