Happy 2012!

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Well! Here we are in 2012. I am off sabbatical (it was good I went on one – I feel recharged) and am back to working on the site AND independent film projects. Pictured above is the Christmas/birthday gift I gave myself. I now have the means to REALLY kick some butt with the site as well as movie making. I hope this means the updates will be more frequent. There are a couple of things I’d like to do starting this year, and have a partial list:

1. Smash or Trash is now on twitter. Look us up under smashrtrashfilm and follow us about movie bits and site updates!

2. I hope to have a revamp of the site up sooner than later so videos, hot buttons and other things can be installed on the main page.

3. Now that I have editing software, let’s hope that Smash or Trash Television  gets more episodes made on a timely basis.

4. I want to look into doing podcasts for the site as well.

5. Yes, we will get some banner ads. It’s all about covering the site’s costs. Don’t forget to shop our store for cool Smash or Trash items! Every sale and donation helps keep the site going.

So, starting tonight I’ll be getting the updates going again. We have a couple of movie reviews by Joseph Henson and Judith Furlow – so that will come soon – along with a new contest! Stay tuned and let’s see Smash or Trash’s 4th year kick some major ass!

Smash or Trash creator Robert Long

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