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Announcing a night of networking for aspiring and student filmmakers in an effort to promote professional development in the local community.

Join us for a major networking event for professional and aspiring filmmakers in the mid-Atlantic! On August 17th, we’ll be hosting a panel of industry professionals to talk about their experiences, their upcoming projects, and to answer your questions.

Special guests include:

Erik Kristopher Myers – Director of the multi-award winning “Roulette” and the upcoming “Butterfly Kisses”

Anthony Greene – Director of the award winning films THICK, and Henchman’s War!

Dylan Hintz – Stunt Performer and Co-Founder of the DC Stunt Coalition, stunt coordinator for the award winning short film “Death Blender”.

You’ll have the chance to meet tons of other accomplished and novice filmmakers who may be looking for skills like yours to make their next movie. In the film industry, connections are everything, so make yours here!

The event is free, and as a special offer to attendees TIVA-DC will be offering a 50% membership discount, as well as discounted entry fees for the upcoming TIVA PEER Awards. Show up and use this opportunity to join one of the biggest professional media production networks on the east coast at a super low cost!

6:00 PM – 9:30 PM
LAUNCH Workplaces at 1201 Seven Locks Rd, Rockville, MD 20854-2907, United States

Presented by:
Atlantic Coast Ventures
Launch Workplaces
MoCo Creatives
DC Stunt Coalition
and more!

More guests to be announced soon!

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RetroMedia (Fred Olen Ray) has done the lovers of independent monster movies a tremendous service. The company has released Don Dohler‘s THE ALIEN FACTOR on blu-ray. This disc boasts a beautiful transfer and bucket loads of  extras courtesy of actor George Stover. Click HERE to go to our review of this 1978 cult classic.


Next we have Moe Porne and Douglas Tilley’s take on the critically acclaimed found footage movie WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL. The brain child of Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George gets a hilarious and glowing review on Doug and Moe’s latest podcast. Click HERE to listen to it.

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Dr Who

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Filmmaker Erik Kristopher Myers reached out to me about a new young filmmaker, to see if I might be interested in seeing his first project and interviewing him. I believe I will try to do both! Below is a little information on him and his project and where it is premiering. Hope to see you there.
     Autistic filmmaker James Billian has endeavored to make his first short.  It’s a DOCTOR WHO film called THE PUPPETS OF XYLOS.  He wrote and directed it, built props and sets, composed the score, and guided every aspect of the production.  The team was made up of volunteers, many of whom had never worked on a film before, and did so simply for the goal of helping him realize his dream.
     The film is premiering at the Knights of Columbus in Silver Spring on Saturday, July 16th.  There will be a Q&A after.  We invite area filmmakers and actors to come out, to support his work, and to widen his network as he moves forward with future projects.
     This is an opportunity for members of our local film community to cast a special light on neuro-diversity, and to encourage those with special needs to succeed.
     There are 2 screenings: The one at 4:30 will be sensory-friendly so bring the little ones to this. At 6 pm there will be a Q&A session followed by the 2nd screening. With 2 showings there is no excuse to miss it! Please RSVP if you can make it. $3-5 suggested donation to cover costs and future productions. See you there!
     Saturday, July 16 at 4 PM – 8 PM. The Knights of Coumbus “Columbian Room” 9707 Rosensteel Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910-1157, United States

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Hey folks! Robert Long here to tell you that a brand new documentary on the life, times and career of legendary actor George Stover has just been released, and I have done an in-depth review of it. To check out my thoughts on this excellent production, click HERE.


Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George’s found footage movie WNUF HALLOWEEN SPECIAL has had a lot of youtube reviews done on it. I felt it was time to post a gaggle of them up on the site. The movie stars Paul Fahrenkopf, Leanna Chamish, Richard Cutting, Helenmary Ball, Brian St. August and Robert Long II. So click on this LINK and check them out!


The website Vampire Beauties has posted some great photos of the Beautiful Women from the Timewarp Films presentation VAMPIRE SISTERS. Such lovely women such as Leanna Chamish, Syn DeVil and Darla Albornoz and others are present in this Don Dohler/Joe Ripple horror production. Check out the photos HERE.

Syn DeVil

The website Vampire Beauties has posted some great photos of the Beautiful Women from the Timewarp Films presentation STAKES. Such lovely women such as Leanna Chamish, Syn DeVil and others are present in this Don Dohler/Joe Ripple horror production. Check out the photos HERE.


In 1982, three young fans of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK decided to make a shot-for-shot remake of the movie on location in Mississippi. Now the making of documentary of this project is coming to the big screen. Here is the link to more information about it.

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Hey, I’m trying something new here at Smash or Trash. I want to try doing movie review video vlogs. I think this may be an entertaining way of doing the independent movie reviews. The first one I’m doing is Timewarp Films DEAD HUNT – a very cool slasher movie. Give it a thumbs up, leave me a comment, let me know what you think!

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We catch up – video-wise – on the works of the very prolific independent filmmaker Dan Zachary. You can check out all the cool video clips HERE.